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  • Three Doors

    Object ID: 2017.008 Creator: Carol Crump Bryner Title: Three Doors Date: 2015 Culture: American Dimensions: 20x16" Materials: Oil on panel Credit: Gift of the artist in honor of the Class of 1967 Provenance: 2015, created; 2015-2017, collection of the artist; 2017, donated to Wheaton. More »
  • Rainbow 156/250

    Object ID: 80.067 Creator: Mary Bauermeister Title: Rainbow 156/250 Date: 1973 Culture: American / German Dimensions: 25.75x18.875" Materials: Lithograph Credit: Anonymous Gift through Frontline Advisors Provenance: 1973, created; 1980, donated to Wheaton. To learn more about Bauermeister's lithograph, listen to the podcast written and recorded for the student-curated exhibition It's Elemental: Water. You can also read the print's exhibition label below: Mary Bauermeister was raised and […] More »
  • Seated Monkey Watching An Insect

                    Object ID: 77.079 Creator: Ohara Koson Title: Seated Monkey Watching An Insect Date: 1890-1897 Culture: Japanese (Meiji Period) Dimensions: 9.5x9.88" Materials: Ink on paper (woodblock print) Credit: Gift of Eliza Baylies Chapin Wheaton Provenance: 1890-1897, Japan; n.d., Paris, France; circa 1897, purchased by Eleanor Norcross, Class of 1872, in Paris, France on behalf of Eliza […] More »
  • Amulet with Arabic Text

    Object ID: 2012.021 Creator: Unidentified Ethiopian Muslim Title: Amulet with Arabic Text Date: Before 1968 (20th century) Culture: Ethiopia Dimensions: 7x5.5" Materials: Coined silver Credit: Gift of Ambassador Samuel R. Gammon III in honor of his wife Mary Renwick Gammon, Class of 1948 Provenance: before 1963-1967, owned by unidentified Ethiopian Muslim; 1963-1967, acquired by donor in Ethiopia; 1963-1968 to 2012, collection of donor; 2012, […] More »
  • Hellenistic Green Tanagra Figure, Standing Female

    Object ID: 85.032 Creator: Unidentified Title: Hellenistic Green Tanagra Figure, Standing Female Date: c. 250 BCE Culture: Ancient Greece Dimensions: 19.00 x 7.63" Materials: Terracotta, pigment Credit: Purchased with the Newell Bequest Fund Provenance: circa 250 BCE, created in Tanagra in the Boeotia region, Ancient Greece; n.d., unidentified private collection(s); 1985, purchased from the Edward […] More »
  • Portrait Head (Robert Dingley (1708-1781))

    Object ID: 95.042 Creator: William Hoare Title: Portrait Head (Robert Dingley (1708-1781)) Date: 1760 Culture: British Dimensions: 9.00 x 7.25" Materials: chalk, graphite, paper Credit: Gift of Alexander B.V. Johnson Provenance: 1889, property of Florence Ashton; 1985, unidentified private collection; date unknown, acquired by Leger Galleries (London, England); date unknown, acquired by Alexander B.V. Johnson; […] More »
  • The Motherless by Elihu Vedder

    Object ID: 2002.100 Creator: Elihu Vedder Title: The Motherless Date: 1864 Culture: American Dimensions: 5.5 x 9.5" Materials: Oil on panel Credit: Gift of Mrs. Thomas O. (Mary Rich) Richardson. Provenance: 1864/1865, purchased from artist by a Mr. Cousins (NY); date unknown, acquired by Mrs. Thomas O. (Mary Rich) Richardson; 1922, donated to Wheaton College More »
  • The Harlem River (Rivershacks)

    Object ID: 80.001 Creator: Ernest Lawson Title: The Harlem River (Rivershacks) Date: 1908 Culture: American Dimensions: 21 x 24.5" Materials: Oil on canvas Credit: Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Kozol (Ruth Massel, Class of 1925) Provenance: 1908, painted by Ernest Lawson in early spring; before 1979, acquired by Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. […] More »
  • Sonya Redway Reading

    Object ID: 2011.016 Creator: Dorothy Mary Hepworth/Patricia Preece Title: Sonya Redway Reading Date: 1940-1949 Culture: British Dimensions: 49 x 33" Materials: Watercolor on paper Credit: Gift of Marjorie Gelb Jones, Class of 1962 Provenance: c. 1940-1984, Collection of Dorothy Mary Hepworth; 1978-1984, Property of Hepworth estate; 1984, purchased from Christie's (London, England) by Martin S. […] More »
  • Elements II

    Object ID: 2005.017 Creator: Nancy Hemenway Barton (American, 1920-2008) Title: Elements II Date: 1967-1981 Culture: American Materials: fiber, thread, wool Credit: Gift of Nancy Hemenway Barton, Class of 1941 Provenance: 1967-1981, collection of the artist; 1981, donated to Wheaton. Conservation: Conserved by Museum Textile Services through the Ann H. Murray Art Conservation Fund thanks to donations from the Wheaton College Friends of Art. Born in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Nancy […] More »