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  • Rainbow 156/250

    Object ID: 80.067 Creator: Mary Bauermeister Title: Rainbow 156/250 Date: 1973 Culture: American / German Dimensions: 25 3/4 x 18 7/8 " Materials: Lithograph Credit: Anonymous Gift through Frontline Advisors Provenance: 1973, created; 1980, donated to Wheaton. To learn more about Bauermeister's lithograph, listen to the podcast written and recorded for the student-curated exhibition It's Elemental: Water. You can also read the print's exhibition label below: […] More »
  • Seated Monkey Watching An Insect

                    Object ID: 77.079 Creator: Ohara Koson Title: Seated Monkey Watching An Insect Date: 1890-1897 Culture: Japanese (Meiji Period) Dimensions: 9.5x9.88" Materials: Ink on paper (woodblock print) Credit: Gift of Eliza Baylies Chapin Wheaton Provenance: 1890-1897, Japan; n.d., Paris, France; circa 1897, purchased by Eleanor Norcross, Class of 1872, in Paris, France on behalf of Eliza […] More »
  • Amulet with Arabic Text

    Object ID: 2012.021 Creator: Unidentified Ethiopian Muslim Title: Amulet with Arabic Text Date: Before 1968 (20th century) Culture: Ethiopia Dimensions: 7x5.5" Materials: Coined silver Credit: Gift of Ambassador Samuel R. Gammon III in honor of his wife Mary Renwick Gammon, Class of 1948 Provenance: before 1963-1967, owned by unidentified Ethiopian Muslim; 1963-1967, acquired by donor in Ethiopia; 1963-1968 to 2012, collection of donor; 2012, […] More »
  • Hellenistic Green Tanagra Figure, Standing Female

    Object ID: 85.032 Creator: Unidentified Title: Hellenistic Green Tanagra Figure, Standing Female Date: c. 250 BCE Culture: Ancient Greece Dimensions: 19.00 x 7.63" Materials: Terracotta, pigment Credit: Purchased with the Newell Bequest Fund Provenance: circa 250 BCE, created in Tanagra in the Boeotia region, Ancient Greece; n.d., unidentified private collection(s); 1985, purchased from the Edward […] More »
  • Portrait Head (Robert Dingley (1708-1781))

    Object ID: 95.042 Creator: William Hoare Title: Portrait Head (Robert Dingley (1708-1781)) Date: 1760 Culture: British Dimensions: 9.00 x 7.25" Materials: chalk, graphite, paper Credit: Gift of Alexander B.V. Johnson Provenance: 1889, property of Florence Ashton; 1985, unidentified private collection; date unknown, acquired by Leger Galleries (London, England); date unknown, acquired by Alexander B.V. Johnson; […] More »
  • The Motherless by Elihu Vedder

    Object ID: 2002.100 Creator: Elihu Vedder Title: The Motherless Date: 1864 Culture: American Dimensions: 5.5 x 9.5" Materials: Oil on panel Credit: Gift of Mrs. Thomas O. (Mary Rich) Richardson. Provenance: 1864/1865, purchased from artist by a Mr. Cousins (NY); date unknown, acquired by Mrs. Thomas O. (Mary Rich) Richardson; 1922, donated to Wheaton College More »
  • The Harlem River (Rivershacks)

    Object ID: 80.001 Creator: Ernest Lawson Title: The Harlem River (Rivershacks) Date: 1908 Culture: American Dimensions: 21 x 24.5" Materials: Oil on canvas Credit: Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Kozol (Ruth Massel, Class of 1925) Provenance: 1908, painted by Ernest Lawson in early spring; before 1979, acquired by Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. […] More »
  • Sonya Redway Reading

    Object ID: 2011.016 Creator: Dorothy Mary Hepworth/Patricia Preece Title: Sonya Redway Reading Date: 1940-1949 Culture: British Dimensions: 49 x 33" Materials: Watercolor on paper Credit: Gift of Marjorie Gelb Jones, Class of 1962 Provenance: c. 1940-1984, Collection of Dorothy Mary Hepworth; 1978-1984, Property of Hepworth estate; 1984, purchased from Christie's (London, England) by Martin S. […] More »
  • Elements II

    Object ID: 2005.017 Creator: Nancy Hemenway [American, 1920-2008] Title: Elements II Date: 1967-1981 Culture: American Materials: fiber, thread, wool Credit: Gift of Nancy Hemenway, Class of 1941 Provenance: 1967-1981, collection of the artist; 1981, donated to Wheaton. Conservation: Conserved by Museum Textile Services through the Ann H. Murray Art Conservation Fund thanks to donations from the Wheaton College Friends of Art. Born in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Nancy Hemenway Witten […] More »
  • Sultry Night by Grant Wood

    Object ID: 2013.006 Creator: Grant Wood [American, 1891-1942] Title: Sultry Night Date: 1937 Culture: American Materials: Ink on paper Credit: Purchased with the Newell Bequest Fund Provenance: 1937-1942, Collection of Thomas N. Barrows (President of Lawrence University, Appleton, WI); 1942-2012, Grinnell College, Iowa; December 2012, Childs Gallery. More »