Welcome to Wheaton! The Wheaton community is dedicated to making you, new students, families, and guests, feel at home. With a large team of student leaders, faculty, and staff who love this college, we are here to orient and assist you in any way possible.

This is a very important transition in your life and we are here to make sure you succeed. Orientation will help all new students feel connected and comfortable on their new campus.

Fall Semester Admission

Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation is a foundational program for all new students entering in the Fall semester.  It takes place in June and provides access to the  resources students need to be ready for their first semester. It is also a wonderful way to meet your fellow classmates!

Families and Friends have access to Summer Orientation programs as well.  Those individuals that have supported our new students educational journey are an integral part of their student’s preparation for their first semester and their overall success at Wheaton.

Early Arrival Programs

Wheaton offers specialized programs for new students in the days preceding the Fall Orientation program. The Early Arrival Programs are designed to help students build connections, access resources and support and find a voice in the campus community early on in their college careers.

The program tracks focus on building community among specific student affinity groups but also allows space for all students to connect with each other. For more information on these programs, please email orientation@wheatoncollege.edu.

Fall Orientation – Welcome Weekend

Your Wheaton journey is about to begin! The Fall Orientation program is mandatory for all new students. Taking place in the days immediately prior to the start of classes, this is a fun, exciting and informative way to transition into college life.  Spring Semester Admission

Spring Semester Admission

The cohort of new students admitted for the Spring Term will attend January Orientation. This program is mandatory for all new students and takes place in the days preceding the start of the Spring semester.