The Office of the Provost fulfills the College’s academic promise that students can become independent, problem-solving, and active learners who acquire knowledge and effectively deploy it in real-world situations. By supporting learning in an environment that is diverse, inclusive, rigorous, innovative, and respectful, the Office of the Provost allows for a classroom experience that inspires students to become informed, ethical, and practical thinkers. This experience is one shaped by pedagogical excellence, intellectual boldness, thoughtful empathy, and a commitment to equitable practices and social justice principles.


Wheaton College embraces respect for the dignity of others along with a commitment to independent thought, equity, diversity, and excellence. These tenets guide every decision made by the Office of the Provost. It is with the future in mind that the Office of the Provost empowers students to understand their world, their place in it, and their ability to change it. Furthermore, the Office of the Provost endeavors to support and cultivate the scholarly and creative works of the Wheaton faculty. By doing so, the Office of the Provost draws upon the social contract it holds as the guide for the academic vision of the College and encourages students to think critically, act decisively, be connected with the world beyond themselves, and practice cultural humility.