With support from generous donors and in partnership with various campus departments, Wheaton has a variety of special projects and initiatives that provide students the ability to put into practice what they learn in the classroom. These experiences also provide our faculty scholars the ability to convene, explore, practice and share leading research. With an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning and a commitment to experiential education, these opportunities empower students and faculty to collaboratively pursue their passion for translating ideas into action.

Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning (CCTL)

The Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning (CCTL) promotes teaching excellence through evidenced-based practices and inclusive pedagogy that provide a transformative liberal arts education for Wheaton’s culturally diverse student body.

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Contemplative Studies Initiative (CSI)

The Wheaton Contemplative Studies Initiative (CSI) is comprised of a small but committed group of faculty, students, parents, alums, community members and staff who are working to define the appropriate range and nature of topics and activities that will guide the evolution of a Wheaton contemplative studies awareness on campus and in our local communities.

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Imaging Center for Undergraduate Collaboration (ICUC)

ICUC (pronounced “I see, you see”), is Wheaton’s state-of-the-art digital imaging laboratory where students make their own discoveries and create new knowledge from visual information of all sorts.

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Institute for the Interdisciplinary Humanities (WIIH)

Showcasing the humanities, WIIH enables students to take learning achieved in the classroom and apply it to real world situations.

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Innovation Spaces

Wheaton’s Innovation Spaces is an interdisciplinary, campus-wide collaboration that connects spaces, people, resources and ideas to promote and facilitate the integration of the arts and technology.

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For the past seven summers, a group of Wheaton students and faculty work together in a start-up and research lab building and applying tools for introductory explorations of your favorite collection of texts.

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Semester in the City

As part of a 15-week semester in Boston, Massachusetts, Wheaton students take two courses and spend 30+ hours a week undertaking an internship with a leading social change organization within the nonprofit business or public sector.

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Wheaton Inclusive STEM Excellence (WISE) initiative

With a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Wheaton Inclusive STEM Excellence (WISE) initiative was launched to provide new opportunities for student engagement and leadership in STEM.

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Wheaton Research Partnerships (WRP)

WRP encourages faculty and student research collaborations of various forms, encouraging the experiential learning that has become so valuable for a student’s education and career preparation.

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Write Now, Right Now (WNRN)

WNRN is the hub for a variety of faculty research and creative work initiatives. Its core is a space (DC1347), open daily, where faculty co-write (which means writing, reading, revising, coding, drawing, or doing whatever else pushes their work forward).  Tea, coffee, and camaraderie are provided, and all are welcome for as long or as short as desired. Additional related initiatives include the Faculty Success Summit, Faculty Flash Talks, writing groups, writing sprints, and workshops.

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