Wheaton’s faculty are constantly engaged in original research, and for years Wheaton students of many disciplines have contributed to this work.

In partnership with faculty, Wheaton students have:

  • Discovered a new supernova
  • Co-authored published literary scholarship
  • Documented the migration of salamanders at our vernal pool
  • Studied how blood vessels grow
  • Investigated social structures in rural Africa
  • Written and published a catalogue for an art exhibit
  • Worked to decode the genome of the nematode C. elegans
  • Designed innovative software
  • Learnt and practiced Digital Humanities methods and tools
  • Worked on editing unpublished manuscripts
  • Learnt Data curation and bibliographical practices

Joining a research team can enable you to:

  • Begin working immediately in work related to your major
  • Utilize research skills to explore a variety of fields
  • Develop and nurture skills that will help you in your class work or career
  • Work one-on-one with faculty and advanced students
  • Seek other opportunities for paid or for-credit work, travel, and the chance to apply for fellowships and scholarships


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For more information, contact the Office of the Provost at [email protected].