Community Updates from President Hanno to Wheaton Alumni

Letter from Josh Bauchner ’95

The Wheaton Alumni community is composed of dedicated, kind, hard-working individuals who strive every day to improve the world. Every year, the Recognition Committee and Nomination Committee are charged with two of the most enjoyable responsibilities of the Alumni Board of Directors:

  • Acknowledge deserving members of the Wheaton alumni community with public recognition of their commitment to their professional lives, the Wheaton community, and/or the larger community.
  • Selecting new Alumni Board Members to serve in a variety capacities in a volunteer role. ABD members are an integral part in the support and continued success of Wheaton College.

We are asking for your help in nominating classmates, friends, and mentors to serve as volunteers on the Alumni Board or recognize them for their community service and professional accomplishments.

When making a nomination, please be as thorough as possible about your knowledge of the nominee. We welcome self-nominations as well! It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form, but the impact is immeasurable.

Thank you,
Josh Bauchner ’95
President Alumni Association