Community Updates from President Hanno to Wheaton Alumni

Letter from Josh Bauchner ’95

My fellow Wheaties,

Since my last communication with you, we have welcomed a new class to the Alumni Association, the Class of 2020. Their Virtual Commencement was nothing short of spectacular. No, they did not get to sit in the Dimple (or Haas for those rainy day graduates), but the Wheaton administration pulled out all the stops to give them, and their families and loved ones, a graduation to remember. For those who tuned in, you know that I made a promise to our recent graduates and current students to redouble efforts to assist students impacted financially by the coronavirus pandemic and to provide career networking opportunities for graduates.

In that vein, I ask you to please join Handshake, our internal job posting board for students. If you or your company have a job or internship available for Wheaton students, please take this opportunity to:

  1. Post a job for our recent graduates from the Class of 2020
  2. Hire a student for an internship. This can be a remote internship too.
  3. Hire a student for a micro internship, a short-term project that will enable students to build technology, problem-solving, and professional skills.

Directions for posting a job can be found here.

I am also excited to share that the Alumni Board of Directors and Alumni Relations will be rolling out virtual industry-specific networking events this fall. Stay tuned for more information.

Wishing you and your loved ones continued health and safety.


Joshua Bauchner ’95
President Alumni Association
Chair of the Alumni Board of Directors