Stay connected to Wheaton and your friends, through the Alumni Association.

Enjoy your lifelong connection to Wheaton and the friends you made during your college career. You are part of a community that stretches around the world, yet plays a role in keeping our beautiful New England campus alive and vital.

It doesn’t matter that you no longer live a 90-second walk from the Dimple. You can still connect with Wheaton friends through our online community. You may want to search for a friend or refer a student. Here, you are never too far away from your alma mater.

The opportunities to stay connected to the college community are endless. Wheaton has clubs in dozens of cities and regions around the world. There may be an event coming up in your hometown, or in a city to which you are traveling.

Your involvement, and the participation of hundreds of other alumni, gives our community strength. If you haven’t looked at the opportunities for learning and leading as a volunteer, you may be surprised by what you contribute and how much you can accomplish.

Community blog posts for Wheaton Alumni