At Wheaton, you will find global and cultural connections of every kind—a wide array of courses and campus programs, six continents’ worth of study abroad options, and international student body and a faculty with a world of experiences and perspectives. It’s built into the curriculum and the campus experience.

The college also offers resources to make the most of our community’s diversity. Through its activities, the Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning seeks to affirm these unique identities, to build a community that draws from them and to cultivate leaders who will introduce to the world the value of human diversity.

The Center for Global Education serves as the center for Wheaton’s 100-plus semester and yearlong study-abroad programs in every corner of the globe and encompassing an amazing array of subjects. Some of these options include fieldwork or internships as well as coursework. We also offer short-term, faculty-led courses that travel abroad for focused, intense and exciting learning experiences. The Center for Global Education is also designed to help international students acclimate into the broader campus community. Throughout their time on campus, international students will become a part of Wheaton and their surrounding neighbors to integrate into student life no matter what their interests are. We are here to help create events that will promote social, cultural, educational, religious or community understanding to help dispel stereotypes, break down barriers regarding a country or culture and foster a sense of global awareness.