Incoming international students

Here at Wheaton College, there are nearly 100 international students from almost 50 different countries around the globe. With a student population of around 1700, over 5% of the campus is international. The incoming class of 2027 includes students from Bhutan, India, China, Spain, Tanzania, Jamaica, Bermuda, and Nepal.

International students are a vital part of Wheaton College’s student population. They bring so much to our community in terms of knowledge, experience and diversity. In many ways they are the second part of our pledge to bring the world to Wheaton – by sharing their perspectives and insights, our entire campus benefits.

The Center for Global Education is here to help international students acclimate into the broader campus community. Throughout their time on campus, international students will become part of Wheaton and their surrounding neighbors to integrate into student life no matter what their interests. We provide opportunities for domestic students to experience study abroad and become more involved in the global community. We are here to help create events that could help promote social, cultural, religious or community understanding that will dispel stereotypes and break down barriers regarding a country or culture.

While there are many clubs and incentives here at Wheaton, the Center for Global Education is here to help spread global awareness into the overall community. Everyone here has the opportunity to create an educational, cultural, and/or a social program that is designed to improve and diversify our understanding of global issues and concerns regarding not just our international students but all of Wheaton. The Center for Global Education also provides exciting excursions throughout the school year to give international and domestic students a unique taste of American culture. Click here to see examples of past events.

If you are an international student attending or about to attend Wheaton, the links to the left of this page provide useful information about the International Early Arrival Program, programming, visa status and employment.

If you are an international student interested in applying to Wheaton, please following this link to the Admissions page so you can learn about the process of joining our ever-growing campus community of Wheaties!