International students are an integral part of the Wheaton community as we put a great deal of value on intellectual and cultural diversity. Our unique curriculum challenges students to make connections and develop a fully dimensional vision of the world and your perspective enriches the entire community. Additionally, the Center for Global Education focuses on developing initiatives that also assist in internationalizing the Wheaton campus and contribute to our comfortable and welcoming campus.

International students typically have a lot of questions about the application process as well as scholarships and financial aid. Just visit the international apply sections of the website for detailed step-by-step instructions.

We offer interviews online to students who are unable to visit campus. These interviews are a great opportunity to learn more about life at Wheaton, tell us about yourself and to get your questions answered! Requests can be made online and we will contact you about setting up an appointment.

*Special note: Wheaton understands that some students engage the services of educational foundations, organizations and agents to assist in the U.S. college/university admission process. It is important for prospective students to know that Wheaton does not pay third parties to identify or recruit prospective students. As a result, educational foundations, organizations and agents have no influence on Wheaton admission decisions. Wheaton makes all admission decisions independently. Members of the admission staff meet with students free of charge. Finally, we are always happy to answer your questions about applying to Wheaton, so you are never alone in the admission process!

Wheaton Refugee Scholarship

The Wheaton Refugee Scholarship is offered annually to one refugee applicant from a war-torn nation, who is either living overseas or who has legally entered the United States on refugee status, and would not have the financial mean to attend Wheaton without a full scholarship. Applicants for this scholarship will only be considered for admission with this scholarship, and will not be considered for admission to Wheaton outside of this opportunity.

Learn more about the Wheaton Refugee Scholarship

Wheaton Partnership in India

Learn about Wheaton’s partnership with Next Genius