Wheaton College’s bold and innovative liberal arts and sciences curriculum reflects the college’s long-standing values. The Wheaton curriculum encourages students to develop a broad foundation of knowledge, consider important issues across disciplines and from many perspectives, explore diverse cultures and languages and work to understand how structures of power and inequality operate in a global world.

Wheaton’s curriculum requirements are evolving to provide a highly personalized experience for students, helping individuals find the path or paths that match their interests and goals, encouraging them to take on challenges and embrace exploration and providing strong mentorship, guidance and self-reflection along the way. A Wheaton education is at its heart experiential—students learn by doing, both on and off campus, and their internships, research projects, clubs and activities, leadership roles and other experiences contribute to their growth and set them up for a successful life, both personally and professionally.

New students (Class of 2024 and on) will follow the Compass requirements, which include a first-year connected course, an experiential program during their sophomore year and completion of a Mentored Academic Pathway, along with many other opportunities.

Current students are completing requirements under Wheaton’s Connections and Foundations curriculum, which includes an engaging First-Year Seminar, a strong foundation in writing and quantitative analysis and an interdisciplinary approach to learning.

All Wheaton students complete at least one major, which ensures an in-depth exploration of their chosen discipline and a capstone experience in that field. (Many students choose more than one major and/or one or more minors, with specific requirements for each.)

Every Wheaton student benefits from The Wheaton Edge, which includes guaranteed funding for an internship, research position or other experiential learning opportunity, before their senior year.