There’s nothing general about a Wheaton education. Our bold and innovative Compass Curriculum gives you the freedom and flexibility to create your own path. Compass combines a small number of requirements with many optional pathways, allowing you to personalize your educational experience.

Courses are taught by renowned faculty who are accomplished scholars and researchers in their respective fields. Our learning environment is rigorous yet not competitive. You’ll have a faculty advisor, professional advisor, and a peer mentor who are all here to help you succeed.

The Compass Curriculum builds on Wheaton’s core principles of intellectual curiosity, global citizenship, experiential learning, social justice, diversity and inclusion, and collaborative community. At Wheaton, you’ll graduate with a degree, work experience and attributes employers seek: critical thinking, creative problem solving, collaboration and global perspective.

Compass Curriculum Highlights:

  • Develop a broad foundation of knowledge across disciplines
  • Immerse yourself in your passions and discover new interests
  • Customize your learning experience
  • Explore cultures beyond your own
  • View important issues from many perspectives
  • Put your knowledge to work through experiential learning and internships