The Mentored Academic Pathway (MAP) is a focused opportunity for reflection. As a central component of the Compass curriculum, the MAP will guide  advising conversations. Over the four years, students reflect on a set of questions that will help them to make decisions, integrate  curricular and co-curricular experiences, plan for the future, and consider their overall progress. Ultimately, the completed MAP will highlight a student’s  accomplishments and growth and help them to be more intentional and informed about the next steps after college.

MAP questions develop as students progress, beginning with opportunities to identify strengths, interests, and areas for growth. Students reflect on their developing academic and co-curricular interests, explore options for study abroad, honors & scholars programs, and LEAPS. In the last year, the MAP allows students to practice articulating the value of all aspects of their Wheaton education, on campus and beyond.

Each semester, one day is dedicated to advising, reflection, and exploration. During MAP day, classes are canceled, students meet with their advisors for group conversations, and additional programming ensures that students understand the many options available.


Map Day Explorations

On Thursday, March 25, students had the opportunity to engage in 94 spring MAP DAY program offerings that included academic exploration, planning and advising sessions, and fun activities. Read more