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Welcome to the Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning.

Now, more than ever, we are committed to intergroup dialogue and engaging in learning across differences. We will continue to foster an inclusive learning environment that promotes critical thinking, community engagement, and personal development. Our aim is to create and offer programs that allow all students in the Wheaton community to increase their cultural capacity, knowledge, and awareness of how their racial identity impacts their experiences. We offer a safe space for students of color to be seen, validated, and amplified as we honor the intersections of their experiences and identities. Welcome to the Marshall Center! We hope you will connect with us soon.

At Wheaton we recognize that individuals have complex identities formed by biology, society, history and choice. These varied facets shape who we are, form our uniqueness, and contribute to the rich educational community that is Wheaton College.

The Marshall Center exists to affirm these unique identities, to build a community that draws from them and to cultivate leaders* who will introduce to the world the value of human diversity. Each and every member of the Wheaton community has a role and responsibility in this process. We look forward to getting to know you and learning what you will contribute to our work.

The Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning works collaboratively and in consultation with many individuals and offices on campus. You might meet us at an evening cultural event, co-sponsored by the Student Activities, Involvement and Leadership office or student organizations. You might attend our lunch workshops, offered by staff members from our collaborative advising centers that will be integral to your success at Wheaton College. You might join a graduate school cohort, developing relationships with faculty and other student scholars, in order to best prepare for life after Wheaton. Or, you might drop in to talk with a staff member about how some of your academic courses are challenging you to think more deeply about your identity and your place in the world.

Regardless of how you get involved, we believe you will find yourself enriched and challenged by the people you meet here, and in turn will enrich their lives as well.

While you’re here, you can reserve the Center as club or class meeting space, or request funding to co-sponsor an event.

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