All faculty should be aware of the functions of the many faculty committees, both to appreciate the scope and reach of faculty involvement in the workings of the college and to learn of the resources available to the faculty and their students.

There are ten standing committees of the faculty, and they are, in the order of their election:


The most recent membership roster of each Committee can be found  on the Committee Memberships page.

The most recent annual reports of the Committees may be found on the Wheaton faculty shared drive..

The rules for the election of committee members and the charges to the committees can be found in Section VIII of Faculty Legislation which is posted on insideWheaton under the Office of the Provost section. The Committee on Committees and Agenda (COCA) not only runs these elections but also makes the following information easily accessible from this site: current committee memberships, rules governing elections, upcoming committee vacancies, etc.  Please consult the COCA page for a full accounting of Wheaton’s committee structures.

The Educational Policy Committee will maintain its own section as a rich resource for its workings. A detailed list of its many subcommittees and their functions, minutes of its meetings, and compilations of its policies will be available when the site goes live in the spring.

Outside of the formal structures of the twelve standing committees, there are various ad hoc faculty committees.