At Wheaton College research with human subjects and animals receives oversight by the Institutional Review Board and the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, respectively. Associate Provost for Academic Administration and Faculty Affairs, M. Gabriela Torres serves as the college’s Research Compliance and Safety Officer.

Research with Human Subjects

Wheaton’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) in accordance with federal regulations (45cfr46) and Wheaton’s Federalwide Assurance reviews all proposals for research involving human participants. The IRB serves to protect human participants in research. All research involving human participants must receive IRB approval before it can commence.The IRB performs three types of review: Full Board, Expedited, and Exempt. The risk-level of the proposed research determines which type of review is required. You may submit a request for review via insideWheaton (Office of the Provost > Forms & Policies > Institutional Review Board). Requires login.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for the Board to review your submission.

You may direct questions on research with human subjects to Teresa Celada, IRB Co-Chair and Associate Professor of Philosophy (, or Christina Riggs-Romaine, IRB Co-Chair and Associate Professor of Psychology (

Research with Animals

The use of all vertebrate animals in research and teaching is reviewed and approved by an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) consisting of Animal Caretakers, Researchers, a Veterinarian and a representative from the community. The USDA conducts unannounced inspections not less than once annually to ensure the humane care and use of the animals we keep, and compliance with the Animal Welfare Act.

You may direct questions regarding Research with Animals or the Wheaton College Animal Facility please contact Amanda Bettle, IACUC Coordinator and Animal Facilities Manager ( or Kathy Morgan, IACUC Chair & Associate Professor of Psychology (

For general questions on research compliance with human subjects or animals please contact the college’s Research Compliance and Safety Officer M. Gabriela Torres at