Summer Orientation is a comprehensive online program designed to introduce new students and their families to Wheaton and to each other.

Students will join Orientation Leaders who will guide students through life at Wheaton, planning their academics, class selection and getting to know their future classmates. Summer Orientation is a great opportunity to start building connections with the community and will provide the foundation for your first semester at Wheaton.

First Year Students

Summer Orientation for first year students is offered in two options:  sessions split over the course of three days or alternatively a program that is consolidated into a single day.  The program content is the same in both options, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs when you register.  Session will be offered through Zoom Video Conferencing and is expected to last just over 3 hours.

*Advance registration is required for first year students participating. All new students will receive an invitation via their Wheaton email address starting in late April.

Transfer Students

Coming to Wheaton with prior college experience makes your needs a little different.  During this session you will learn more about how to start this part of your journey, meet some returning students who transferred to Wheaton, as well as your fellow new classmates.

The session for transfer students is a truncated version of the first year program.  It is scheduled for a single day.  A link to access your session will be sent to your Wheaton email.

Families and Friends

Don’t worry there is content for you as well. There will be sessions that cover academics and social life and how to be the support system for your students’ transition to college. An invitation will be sent to register to the email address on your students’ application.

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