The work of the Council on Inclusion and Diversity (CID) has been incorporated into a new umbrella structure promoting inclusive excellence: DEAL. CID was the successor to PACIE and sought to engage the entire Wheaton College community in the important work related to diversity and inclusion. CID was a campus-wide leadership team made up of students, faculty and staff working to create a community that is welcoming and supportive of each of its members.

The CID had three themes that guided its work:

People: To foster increased diversity among faculty, staff and students.

Environment: To create an environment on campus that embraces the rights of all to a safe place to work, study and live, and that challenges all members of the community to grow in our understanding and appreciation of our diversity.

Beyond campus: To connect with issues around diversity and inclusion in the world outside of Wheaton.

CID also worked to:

  • Host an MLK Interfaith Service
  • Support BSA events for Black History Month
  • Host faculty forums on classroom challenges
  • Fund opportunities for faculty and staff diversity and inclusion initiatives.
CID Members 2017 – 2018
  • Raquel Ramos, Marshall Center for Intercultural Learning, Co-chair
  • Dolita Cathcart, History, Co-chair
  • Abigail Cohen, Academic Advising
  • Nancy Evans, Classics
  • Peony Fhagen, Psychology
  • Alida Gomez, Center for Global Education
  • Dennis Hanno, President
  • Kate Lucas, Human Resources
  • Shaya Gregory Poku, Center for Social Justice & Community Impact
  • John Sutyak, Athletics
  • Donnie Taveras, Residential Life
  • Olivia Benissan ’19
  • James Gowen ’18
  • Musa Ali ’18
  • Zelda Zhao ’18