This is an ever-evolving guide to give us tools to acknowledge and respect the abundance of gender identities and expressions within our Wheaton community, including many people who are gender non-conforming (GNC) and people with trans identities. This is intended to serve as a resource to our community, but it is not an official policy of Wheaton College.

This resource is the product of shared expertise from members of the Network for LGBTQ+ Inclusion, Support and Advocacy (The Network). The Network is a group of dedicated faculty and staff members working to enhance the social, emotional, and academic lives of LGBTQ+ students. If you have questions about this resource document, please contact [email protected].

Special thanks to Justin Martinez ’22, Nikki Vaynshteyn ’22, who contributed to the development of the guide; and to all the Wheaton students and recent alums who shared their experiences navigating Wheaton as a trans or gender queer person.