Are you interested in becoming a 2020-2021 Resident Advisor?

Check out our information packet! RA Information Packet ’20-’21 (pdf)

RA Application Checklist / Important Dates

  • Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 — Applications available
  • Thursday, January 23rd at 7:30 pm in Pine Hall, Conger Commons — Optional information session
  • Thursday, January 30th at 7:00 pm in Clark Hall Lounge — Optional information session
  • Thursday, January 30th at 7:30 pm in McIntire Hall Lounge — Optional information session
  • Thursday, January 30th at 8:00 pm in Young Hall Lounge — Optional information session
  • Friday, February 14th by 11:59 pm — Applications due via Engage
  • Sunday, February 16th – Interview Day   Schedule an interview on Sign-up Genius
    • If you are currently studying abroad please sign up for an interview as the information packet outlines. Your interview will happen over the phone. Please let us know the call method that works best for you by using the “comment” box on sign-up genius.
  • Tuesday, February 18th – Successful candidates will be offered invitations via email to the group process.
  • Wednesday, February 19th – Group Process Day (aka group interviews) – Save the date – Hold the time 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. If you are invited you will be assigned to group A (6:00 pm) or B (8:00 pm.)
  • Monday, March 2nd at 8:30 am — Final decision letters will be ready in the Office of Residential Life.
  • Friday, March 9th by 4:30 pm — Acceptance forms and contracts due to the Office of Residential Life
  • Thursday, March 26th at 6:00 pm — ‘20-’21 Staff Meet & Greet
  • Thursday, August 13th at 1:00 pm — Training begins

We think being a Resident Advisor is pretty great, but don’t take it from us! Here’s why YOUR Resident Advisors think you should be a Resident Advisor, too.

Join a Community

“I love being an RA because it gives me the opportunity to act as a support system and resource for my residents as well as other RAs on campus.” – Marissa Varrasso ’17, McIntire Hall

“My favorite part of being an RA at Wheaton is having such a great support group. Everyone is so enthusiastic, warm, friendly, and they genuinely care about how you are doing.” – Cara M. ’15, Meadows Complex

“I never expected the amazing support system and friends that I have found through being an RA.” – Sam S. ’16, Larcom Hall

“As an RA, you find people that have similar interests as you and support in what you do. Helping residents and building community is a really rewarding experience because it makes you feel like you have made a difference in someone’s life.” – Stasie T. ’16, Everett Hall

Develop Leadership Skills

“Being an RA has exposed me to information to better understand others who have had a different upbringing than me. It has also given me the opportunity to become a leader on campus by being a resource of information to others as well as planning meetings, activities, handling a budget and working with a team.” – Mike R. ’14, Everett Heights

“There is a strong emphasis on teamwork in ResLife and the skills necessary to work well in a cooperative environment are easily translatable to any professional situation.” – Lindsey G. ’15, Kilham Hall

“I have noticed since my involvement as an RA that not only am I a more confident leader, but I am more confident in myself and my abilities overall.” – Morgan H. ’16, Larcom Hall

“To be a successful RA, you have to be organized, responsible, creative, and compassionate. If any of these areas aren’t your strong suit, there are plenty of people on staff willing to help you out as you grow. For myself, being an RA has most improved my interpersonal skills. You have to talk to your residents, and the more you do it, the easier it gets. The entire staff makes up such a welcoming and friendly environment that it makes it easier to put yourself out there.” – Erika P. ’15, McIntire Hall

Expand your Professional Toolkit

“Becoming an RA has not only helped me to develop professionally, but it has also helped me in ways I wouldn’t have expected. In addition to the transferable professional skills I’ve gained, I’ve learned my strengths, weaknesses, values, personal preferences for work environment, and personality type with the help of the Residential Life staff.” – Cassie P. ’14, McIntire Hall

“I am more confident now and I think the people skills I learned will be very helpful to my future career.” – Difei (Faye) T. ’14, Stanton Hall

“Being an RA is such wonderful preparation for being an professional. With very little related experience and training, I did not know what kind of attitude I should have, how I should act, or what being responsible is […] My supervisor and all the amazing RAs show me how to do these, and I believe these are the qualities that will benefit me my whole life.” – Zhaoyi (Lily) L. ’16, Meadows Complex

“Being a RA has helped me develop a lot of professional and practical skills that I can take with me throughout life. For one, it has made me a leader who is able to step in and rally a bunch of people together for a common goal. I have also learned how to better manage my time and balance RA tasks with school work and other activities. It has also given me opportunity to develop meaningful relationship with my residents and other RAs.” – Jess M. ’14, Kilham Hall

Have Fun!

“The amount of joy that I get out of the job defied my expectations, and that sounds bad, but I think I thought it was going to be less fun than it is. How naive was I??” – Megan C. ’14, Larcom Hall

“I love my staff! And I love how close we’ve come together!” – Juanfe R. ’14, Everett Hall

“My favorite part of being an RA is simply two words: The people. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people, and making new friends that I would not have otherwise met.” – Jackson T. ’16, Meadows Complex

“The Res Life staff and fellow RAs are the most welcoming group of people I have met on campus, they’re always ready to be your friend.” – Kelsey B. ’16, Meadows Complex

“Before college, I thought all RAs were mean, fun-sucking, rule-loving individuals […] we’re a lot of fun people!” – Julia J. ’15, Young Hall