Digital Media and Communications

Our digitally-connected world relies on professionals versed in information and communications technologies that effectively transmit ideas and messages to audiences. Wheaton’s digital media and communications major, offered by the Department of Film and New Media Studies, will equip you with an in-depth understanding of our dynamic universe of modern media. A degree will position you to pursue a wide range of careers relating to media content creation and analysis; media industries, platforms and technologies; and media audiences. Whether your interest is primarily in social media or streaming content, journalism or advertising, or some other aspect of media and communications, you will take courses from a range of disciplinary perspectives and acquire knowledge, skills and competencies crucial for success in the field.



Core Requirements

DMC 198 Digital Tools
DMC 198 Information & Communication Technologies
DMC 298 Communication & Cult Diversity (beginning in Academic Year 2025)
DMC 298 Media, Law and Ethics (beginning in Academic Year 2025)
DMC 401 Senior Seminar (beginning in Academic Year 2026)

Research Methods

One course from below:

DMC 244 Visualizing Cultural Data
HISP 358 Digital Humanities Tools & Methods
SOC 202 Research Methods in Sociology
SOC 272 Telling Stories with Data

Communication, Culture and Society

Two courses from below:

DMC 235 Journalism 2.0: CivicMedia/DigitalAge
DMC 331 Digital Cultures
FNMS 298 Race, Gender & Television
SOC 175 Media & Society
POLS 251 Mass Media & American Politics
SOC 305 Community in the Digital Age

Mediums, Platforms, Industries

Two courses from below:

ARTH 142 Introduction to Photography
DMC 298 Introduction to Television
DMC 398 Media Audiences
FNMS 231 Introduction to New Media
FNMS 398 Streaming TV
MGMT 355 Digital Marketing
MGMT 398 Advertising

Content Creation and Development

Two courses from below:

ART 240 Photography I
COMP 161 Web Design
DMC 198 Digital Writing: Selected Topics
DMC 298 Journalism 1.0: The Fourth Estate
DMC 298 Podcast Production & Storytelling
DMC 398 Motion Graphics
FNMS 280 Documentary Storytelling


Alumni in Digital Media and Communications

Wheaton alumni are well-represented across the realm of digital communications. A sample of positions held by our graduates:

Digital Communications Manager
Berklee College of Music
Boston, MA

Director, Digital Marketing
Columbia Records
New York, NY

Talent Acquisition Specialist Operations
Bristol, CT

Production Assistant
HBO Latino and MAX Latino at HBO
New York, NY

Communications Director
International Community Justice Association
Columbus, OH

Digital Marketing Specialist
Kate’s Real Food
Jackson, WY

Social Media Coordinator
The Maine Magazine
Portland, ME

Creative Director, Content
New York, NY

Social Media Specialist
Nestlé Nespresso SA

Assistant Director of Publicity
Penguin Random House
New York, NY

Senior SEO Manager
Penn Foster
Boston, MA

Director of Communications
Phoenix Art Museum
Phoenix, AZ

Director of Communications, Marketing and Public Relations
The Salvation Army of Massachusetts
Boston, MA

Director of Digital Marketing and Omnichannel Experience
New York, NY


Offered by the Film and New Media Studies department.