With regards to quantitative analysis, Kollett Hall provides resources to faculty and students to further the goals stated in the introduction. There are numerous texts on the Center’s shelves that relate to quantitative analysis and web resources (you’re looking at some of them now to facilitate finding information on the internet pertaining to numeracy.

Staff members are available for discussions about how a topic might be considered in a class, or to consult with on issues regarding projects, honors theses, and general quantitative and statistical research.

Together with the other Advising Centers at Wheaton, Kollett Hall intends to facilitate clinics, workshops and tutoring sessions for a variety of the courses that carry the quantitative analysis designation.

Faculty and students are encouraged to consult print resources in the Hall.


  • Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
  • CUPM Quantitative Literacy Links
  • Professor Bill Briggs, University of Colorado at Denver

Centers at other institutions

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