Peer tutoring for Spring 2023: in-person, with remote options

  • Tutoring in specific subjects: the Advising Center, in Kollett Hall
  • Writing tutoring: in the Scholars Lab in the library (enter through door in fireplace wall to the left of the main entrance)
  • Remote tutoring: available over Zoom in most subjects and in writing. Zoom links will be included on the schedule, simply click to join!

Interested in being a peer tutor? Contact the Coordinator of Peer Tutoring for information.

If a tutor needs to cancel or postpone, they will post on the schedule

Spring 23 Peer Tutoring Schedule

We offer group and individual sessions with trained peer tutors

The College Learning Center offers drop-in peer tutoring in a variety of subjects, mostly in-person but with remote options where possible.


Students can access both peer and professional tutoring. Students with writing assignments in any class, in any subject, are welcome. The peer tutors are current students with interests across the curriculum and have successfully completed Introduction to Tutoring (EDUC 220) — find their tutoring schedule on the last page of the above-linked schedule. Tutoring in writing is usually one-on-one. Please refer to the link below to learn more about the professional writing tutoring available.

Learn more about tutoring in writing

Subject Tutoring

We offer peer support for a variety of subjects, usually at the introductory course level. No appointment is necessary.

Peer tutors are students who have been recommended by their professors for both their command of the subject material and their ability to work with other students. They then participate in multiple tutor training workshops each semester. They can support students working through assignments, reinforce challenging concepts, and offer alternate perspectives on material. The peer tutors’ goals are to model successful approaches to inquiry and learning, to support students as they learn to ask and answer productive questions.

Peer tutoring is currently available at the introductory level in the following subjects

  • Biology: Biology 114 (when it’s offered)
  • Business and Management: Stats for Social Science, Corporate Finance, Accounting
  • Chemistry: Chemistry 153, 232, 253, 254
  • Computer Science: Most 100 level courses
  • Economics: 102, 112, Corporate Finance
  • Languages (Intro and Intermediate in Arabic, Chinese, French,  GermanGreek, Italian,  Japanese,  Latin, Russian, Spanish)
  • Math: Calculus I and II, Statistics, Intro to Data Science, Concepts of Math (when offered)
  • Philosophy: Logic
  • Physics: Physics 170, 171
  • Psychology: Quantitative Research Methods;  Brain, Mind, and Behavior; Drugs and Behavior (when offered); Stats for the Social Sciences
  • Sociology: Stats for the Social Sciences

Please refer to the Tutoring Schedule linked to above (login required) to find when tutoring in each subject is available.