All peer tutoring for Spring 2021 will be remote

Tutoring for Springl 2021 begins to roll out Sunday 2/7/2021. Click the link below for the schedule.

Note: To access this Google document, you’ll need to be logged in to your Wheaton google account
This schedule will be updated by the tutors to reflect any cancellations or postponements.

Spring 21 Peer Tutoring Schedule


To visit with a tutor:

(For links to videos illustrating how to use Slack to access tutoring and the overall flow of remote tutoring, see the first slide in the above schedule)

  • The first time only: join our new Remote Tutoring Slack workspace (use your Wheaton email)
    • For your privacy, edit your profile so that your display name is only your first name. Include your pronouns in your display name if you like.
  • Find when tutoring is offered: Look at the schedule linked to above (must be logged in to Wheaton email to access)
  • When it’s time for tutoring: 
    • Start at
    • Check the channel for your subject to see if your tutor has signed in yet.
    • If so, use that channel to send them a message with an idea of what sort of help you’re looking for, or find them in the Direct Messages section below Channels and DM them.
    • While you’re waiting for a reply, fill out the very brief Tutoring Center Student Sign In form (important for the continued existence of tutoring). Login is required.
    • They will reply and you’ll decide together whether to proceed using just Slack messaging, video conferencing, a shared whiteboard — whatever works for you

We offer group and individual sessions with trained peer tutors

The College Learning Center offers drop-in peer tutoring in a variety of subjects.


Students can access both peer and professional tutoring. Students with writing assignments in any class, in any subject, are welcome. The peer tutors are current students with interests across the curriculum. Tutoring in writing is usually one-on-one. Please refer to our Writing Tutoring Schedule for current drop-in hours with a peer tutor.

Learn more about tutoring in writing

Subject Tutoring

We offer peer support for a variety of introductory courses. No appointment is necessary.

Peer tutors are students who have been recommended by their professors for both their command of the subject material and their ability to work with other students. As they themselves have only taken the course in question once, their job is not to teach students the material. Instead, their goals are to help students figure out how to find successful approaches to specific questions and also to model how to be a successful student of their subject.

Peer tutoring is currently available at the introductory level in the following subjects:

  • Accounting
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science (100 Level)
  • Corporate Finance
  • Foreign Languages (Intro and Intermediate in Arabic, Chinese, French,  Greek, Italian,  Japanese, Latin, Russian, Spanish)
  • Math (Calculus I and II, Statistics, Colorful Math)
  • Philosophy (Logic)
  • Physics
  • Psychology (Quantitative Research Methods;  Brain, Mind, and Behavior, Drugs and Behavior)

Please refer to our Tutoring Schedule (login required) to find when tutoring in each subject is available.