Aziz Abdulaziz, ’26
Physics and Arabic Tutor

I am a physics and computer science major.  I also enjoy teaching languages and learning more about them.

Wendy Ainsworth, ’25
Writing Tutor

I am double majoring in English and Secondary Education, with a minor in Environmental Studies. I am from Northern Vermont and my favorite seasons are fall and winter because I equally enjoy stepping on crispy leaves and shoveling snow. Along with being a writing tutor, I am a tour guide, a member of SGA, and a Mayfellow. I also love to dance and hang out with my friends.

Katrin Anwar, ’24
Writing Tutor

Hi there 🙂 I’m an Economics major, and I love going to art galleries and museums in my free time.



Rachel Barretta
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m Rachel, and I am a Secondary Education and English double major with a minor in Hispanic Studies. I am on the rugby team and a part of Best Buds. In my free time, I love painting, working with animals, and hanging out with friends.

Jenna Beebe, ’24
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m from Cape Cod and am a psychology and public health major and an education minor. Beyond academics, I am the co-president of WheAccess (Wheaton’s disability advocacy club), part of the Accessibility Board exec, and a member of Best Buds. I love learning about the mind and body, creating art, making people laugh, and spending time with my cat back at home.

Celeste Berenbaum, ’24
Physics Tutor

I’m a physics major and a math/astronomy double minor. I am co-president of the Physics and Astronomy Club, as well as a member of May Fellows. I’m from Middlebury, Vermont and I love outdoors activities such as kayaking, camping and stargazing!


Paul Berteaux, ’27
French Tutor

I am from Paris, France where I’ve lived for my entire life, but I followed a half English half French education in international schools. I am very excited as a native French speaker to help students improve considerably in a short amount of time.


Katherine Billings, ’24
Data Science and Computer Science Tutor

I am a computer science and biology double major, and co-president of Women in STEM. I love hiking, farming, playing guitar, and crocheting!


Colin Bourget
Writing Tutor

I am an English and Theatre double major!


Emma Campbell, ’24
Accounting, Calculus, Data Science, and Statistics Tutor

Hi! I’m a senior math major who’s also minoring in business and psych! Here at Wheaton I’m the VP of our chem club (WACS), sing in the choir, and am also this year’s class ’24 treasurer! Outside of academics and clubs, I love spending time with animals and often dog and cat sit when I’m home. I’m a home body so I love a night in with my friends listening to music, playing games, and just spending quality time with my favorite people.


Kaylee Carson, ’24
Tutor Concierge

I am a double major in Business and Management, and Film and New Media Studies. I am a first-generation college student and have three dogs back at home!


Avery Chan, ’25
COMP 115, 118, 121 Tutor 

I plan to double major in Business and Management and Computer Science. I like sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, and Soccer).


Alicia Chang, ’25
Japanese Tutor 

I’m always looking to support and encourage those who are interested in studying the Japanese Language. I’m from the Bay Area where we have a prominent Japanese-American community. Being so close to SF Japantown has given me opportunities to work, intern and volunteer at the local non profits. It has always been important to me to interact with people and be involved within the community. At Wheaton, I’m pursuing Design with a concentration in Graphic Design and Visual Communication and a Marketing minor. I’m an aspiring UX Designer with a curiosity for understanding how people interact with and think about products to optimize their experience.


Will Chappell, ’26
Data Science and COMP 115 Tutor

I’m a math major and a computer science minor. I’m a member of Wheaton’s swim team. I’m into sports, roller coasters, and traveling.

Ryan Clark, ’25
Physics and Calc 1 & 2 Tutor

Hi! I’m a Physics major/Astronomy minor, and a first-generation student from Northborough, MA. In my spare time, I volunteer for a non-profit that supports LGBTQ+ youth. I love music, reading, longboarding, skiing, and learning about space. I also like watercolor painting and board games. I am looking forward to being a tutor! 🙂


Megan Cuddy, ’25
Calculus and Data Science Tutor

Hi Everyone, I am a math and secondary education double major with a psychology minor from Natick, MA. I am a member of the women’s lacrosse team at Wheaton, and am also a member of Women in STEM and a Mayfellow on campus as well!

Tim Curran, ’24
Physics Tutor

I am a physics major with minors in astronomy and math. I also enjoy taking classes outside of the STEM area such as religion, political science, and music! Speaking of music, I play the alto saxophone and I am in the jazz band and wind symphony at Wheaton!

Ana Curry, ’24
Chemistry and Calc 1 & 2 Tutor

Hi!!! I am from New Bedford, MA and a Chemistry major here at Wheaton! I am also studying on the Pre-Med track and minoring in Women & Gender Studies. Outside of class, I’m a member of the Wheaton Swim & Dive team and a campus tour guide. I love going to the beach, reading, listening to music, & exploring new coffee flavors!


Ri DelMastro, ’24
Writing Tutor

I’m an English major, a sagittarius, and a nature-lover. Some of my favorite things include (but are not limited to) music, The X-Files series, video games, looking for cool plants/fungi in the woods, and anything Jurassic Park related.


Laura Dennis, ’25
Chemistry and Calc 1 &2 Tutor

Hello, I am planning on majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry. I am from a little town in the center of Massachusetts named Sutton. I enjoy watching TV and spending time with my friends.

Alexa Eaton, ’24
Chemistry and Calc 1 &2 Tutor

Hi!! I am from Topsham, ME, and am majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. On campus, I am also co-secretary of Women in STEM, treasurer of Ultimate Frisbee, and a Chem lab TA. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and baking.

Loic Ebelle, ’27
Tutor Concierge

Hey I’m Loic and I am doing a double major in business management and musical theater. So obviously I love everything involving singing and dancing , I played third single in tennis in my high school and my favorite thing is the world is swimming, my favorite color is sky blue and I love meeting new people and staying busy, you may see me a lot around campus so please say hi. I love to chat!

Jayline Febles, ’26
Tutoring Assistant and as-needed Concierge

Hi everyone! I am a computer science major and am still deciding on my minor. I am a first-gen student from the Bronx, New York. I am on S.O.L.E, so you may see me in a dance performance around campus. Some of my hobbies are doing nails, exploring new places around the city, and listening to music.

Kat Foster, ’24
Accounting, Corporate Finance, and Econ 102 Tutor

Hi! I am studying Business & Management with a concentration in Finance & Business Analytics. I am also minoring in Public Health and a WAM on the Women’s Swim & Dive team. I am from Weston, CT and I love being outdoors, spending time with friends, and trying new cafes!

Hailey Fournier, ’24
Writing Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m a double major in Secondary Education and English. I recently studied abroad in Spain. I’m one of the captains of the cheerleading team here at Wheaton. I love to spend time with my friends, read, and play with my dogs!


Jolie Gagnon, ’24
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m from Harpswell, Maine, and I love the outdoors. I’m an English major with minors in Political Science and Women’s & Gender Studies. I spend my free time drawing, cooking, taking photos, and going for walks. I’m also the Vice President of WHISK and a May Fellow.


Malia Gentile, ’26
Biology and Calculus Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m from Rhode Island and the arts are a huge part of my life, especially singing and dancing. I am part of the Paraíso Latino dance group on campus, which has allowed me to continue my love for dance in my college life. I am planning on majoring in Environmental Science and minoring in Mathematics.


Bailey Geyer
Writing Tutor

I am a Secondary Education and English major and I am from Warwick, RI. I love listening to music and singing and I am a part of the Wheatones! I am also a part of Emerson House. My other hobbies include reading, spending time outside, especially at the beach, and dancing!


Maddie Groves, ’26
Tutor Concierge

I am majoring in International Business and Cross Cultural Management, with a minor in Italian Studies. I am from the top right corner of Connecticut and I love finding new books to read and movies or shows to watch. Along with being a tutor concierge I am a member of WEB.


Kayla Heideman, ’24
Writing Tutor

I’m a Psychology major, I live with the Ohm Initiative House, and for fun I love to sit outside, draw, and any form of self care! I look forward to seeing more fellow students and helping allow them to have another resource on campus!


Emily Higgins, ’25
Writing Tutor

I am from a small town in Massachusetts called North Reading. I am majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Outside of academics I enjoy writing fantasy novels, planning holiday parties, hiking with my dog, and being around family and friends.

Abbey Hinckley, ’24
Writing Tutor

Hi!! I’m from Connecticut and am working on a double major in English and Women’s and Gender Studies. On campus, I am a member of Best Buds and the May Fellows, and I also live in the Hungry Lyons theme house! I love cats, listening to music, collecting vinyl records, and doing yoga.

Sayed Ibrahimi, ’25
Logic and COMP 115, 118, & 121 Tutor

Hi! I am a computer science major. I am an international student from Afghanistan and I lived in India since middle school. I love going to the gym, playing soccer with friends, reading self-improvement books, trying new things and hanging out with my friends.

Emma Keamy, ’25
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m an intended Creative Writing major hoping to become an author someday. I love horror movies of all kinds, and I also enjoy video games (although I’m still easing myself into horror games). I have one dog, Coco, who takes up most of my camera roll.

Megan Kelleher, ’24
Chemistry and Math 141 Tutor

Hi everyone! I am a Biology major on the Pre-Medicine track, as well as a member of the Pre-Health Society and May Fellows. I am a current junior on the varsity women’s volleyball team, and I am from Wethersfield, CT! I enjoy working out, drinking coffee, and going to the beach! Excited to help, so please feel free to stop by and ask me anything during my hours. I am here to help 🙂

Sofia Knopf, ’24
Psych (QRM and BMB) Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m a Neuroscience major and am working on a Peace & Social Justice minor! On campus, I’m involved as a pitcher on the softball team, a WAM, and a May Fellow. Off campus, I love working as a teaching assistant at the May Center School in Norwood for brain injury and neurobehavioral disorders (shout-out career services for helping me find this amazing opportunity). Looking forward to tutoring : )

Hannah Kropp, ’25
Writing Tutor

Hello! I am from Cumberland, ME and am an intended Public Health major with an education minor. You can find me on campus working in Admissions as well as on our club Ultimate Frisbee team. I love being outside and spending time with animals!

Alexis Kublin, ‘24
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m an English major with a minor in Hispanic Studies, and I’m from Fall River, MA. I’m a member of Cafe Theater, Farm Club, and Story Writer’s Club, and I’m a May Fellow. I love writing fiction and poetry, knitting, watching sitcoms, and taking care of my houseplants. I also have two cats and two pet rats back at home.


George Lane, ’26
Concepts of Math Tutor

Hi, my name is George! I’m a music and early childhood education major. I’m excited to tutor because I grew up struggling with math, and understand how challenging it can be to find a method that works for you. In my free time, I enjoy singing opera, writing and illustrating stories, and hiking with a good audiobook.

E Leath
Writing Tutor

I’m an English major, Religion minor, and Women and Gender Studies minor. I like playing video games, baking, and crocheting. I also do volunteer book editing on the side.

Haley Luce, ‘24
Greek Tutor

Hi! I’m Haley, but feel free to call me Hal. I major in Classics here at Wheaton. I’m an ancient history enthusiast, and always love to talk about the Trojan War and Dionysus. I also do Art History, and am pursuing the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) LEAPS. Outside of my academic life at Wheaton, I love birdwatching in my spare time, and I am a big fan of sci-fi. I also am co-president of SAFE HAÜS, Wheaton’s LGBTQ+ identity-based theme house.


Maddie Luongo, ’24
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m an English major and I’m double minoring in Philosophy and Environmental Studies! In my free time I love to read and write, play the flute, listen to music, and spend time in nature. I am also passionate about environmental sustainability and accessibility. On campus, I am co-president of the flute choir, and I work in the Advising and Career services office, but you can frequently find me hiding out in the library doing work. One of my favorite things about tutoring is getting the chance to read about what my peers are learning in their classes, and learn more about it myself.

Caris Mann
Writing Tutor

Hi everyone! I am from Hanover, Massachusetts and a Secondary Education and English major. I am a member of the Wheaton Swim and Dive team and I am a Peer Advisor and a WAM. I also work in Student Financial Services as an office assistant. Whenever I’m not swimming, I enjoy reading, writing, going to get coffee, or just hanging out with my friends 🙂


Mickey McDonald, ’24
Statistics and Writing Tutor
I’m a senior psychology major and Russian language minor originally from Western Massachusetts. On campus, I’m also a teaching assistant for Abnormal Psychology and a Peer Advisor, as well as Vice Chair of the Education Council. I also host a radio show, The Greenhouse, on WCCS. I’m a knitter, guitar player, coffee milk drinker, and Spongebob Squarepants enthusiast.


Emerson McEvoy
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m a Sociology major with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. Right now, I’m working on a research project about workplace health & wellness and bodies! Outside of academics, I’m on the exec board for Alliance and I love listening to podcasts, reading, going on walks outside, and watching animated TV shows.


Jacqueline Modugno, ’25
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m Jacqueline, and I am an environmental science (chem concentration) and English double major! You can find me on the Sustainability Board, in Wheaton Women in STEM, and at Farm Club. I am also interested in philosophy and art history. Other passions include going to the beach, taking care of my plants, listening to music, and baking.

Masen Morgan, ’24
Writing Tutor

I am majoring in Secondary Education and English and minoring in Classics. In addition to tutoring at Wheaton, I have worked as a caretaker/tutor for students k-5 professionally during my senior year of high school, my jobs including helping all students with their assignments and coursework. I also tutored for grades 8-12 all 4 years of high school. I have taken the courses EDU230 (Teaching English Language Learners), EDU251 (Special Education k-12), and EDU220 (Tutoring Writing). In my time outside of tutoring, I spend a lot of time watching bad Netflix and Hulu shows and doing yarn-based crafts like crochet.


Josh Nangle, ‘25
Writing Tutor

I am a political science major, and I am from Wellesley, Massachusetts. I am a delegate on Model UN and I love politics, current events, and writing.

Alara Nelson, ‘25
Tutor Concierge

Hello! I am a biology major and a visual arts minor, and I love to dance and do arts in my free time. I also love to play games and hang out with my friends! On campus I am a dance team member and the secretary of Kaos dance club. I spend a lot of time in Emerson and the library doing work, so you may see me there often.

Lorie Ninganza, ‘26
French Tutor

Hey there! I’m from Lewiston, Maine, and first-generation student. I am planning to major in Statistics, and hoping to minor in sociology. Outside of classes and everything, I like to hang out with my friends, travel, I like to play tennis, and to dance. I grew up speaking French as my second language in Burundi (my origin country) and look forward to helping others learn more about it.

Kieran Paar
Latin Tutor

Salve! I am a Latin major from Medford, MA. Along with studying Latin, I spend a lot of my time in the English and History departments. I am also President of Wheaton’s Radio Club (WCCS), and in my free time I play piano, walk around campus, and listen to music.

Ethan Perry, ‘25
Calculus 1 & 2, Math 141 & 151 Tutor

I’m from Holliston, MA and I’m a Math major. I enjoy being active, working out, and playing ultimate frisbee.



Anna Pires, ’25
Writing Tutor

I am an English and Education major from Maine. I am also on the track and field team here throwing the javelin. I like to read, watch movies, and annoy my twin sister Lily.



Samantha Reardon, ’25
Statistics and Data Science Tutor

Hi! I’m a math major from Hudson Massachusetts and I am a part of Emerson house. I enjoy watching tv, reading, knitting and crocheting in my free time. I love biking, logic puzzles and board or card games. I also love music and play the clarinet.



Amy Saad, ’25
Tutor Concierge

I’m majoring in Computer Science, and possibly a minor in something else. I love animals, fashion, and music. I was born in Connecticut and I’m from Egypt. I have 4 siblings and 2 cats.


Moira Sankey
Writing Tutor

Hello! I am a Communications major with a double minor in English and Journalism. I am also the Layout Editor of the college newspaper, The Wheaton Wire. I work as a tour guide and am a May Fellows scholar. My hobbies are reading, binge-watching TV shows, spending time outside, and hanging out with friends.


Nico Santamaria-Hopkins, ’25
Chemistry , Calc 1 & 2, and Data Science Tutor

Hi there! I am originally from Spain, my majors are biochemistry and math. I am quite interested in most thing that have to do with comprehending how our bodies work and I have always loved math. I also enjoy cross-stitching and doing exercise (mainly rowing). I hope I can be of help!


Ellie Savino, ’26
Italian 101 Tutor

Hi! I’m planning on double majoring in Italian and Film and New Media Studies. I have always wanted to either direct or act in films and I am very excited to be pursuing that. Outside of class I love to read and go to concerts. I typically listen to rock/pop punk music and my favorite bands at the moment are Hot Mulligan and Waterparks.


Abby Sinistore, ’25
Writing Tutor
Hey everyone! I’m a Film and New Media Studies major and minor in Women and Gender Studies. I’m from a small town in Western Massachusetts and I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading, being outside, and watching movies.

Cat Stewart, ’24
Italian and Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m from central New Hampshire. I’m majoring in English and minoring in Italian and Education. Outside of academics at Wheaton, I am a member of the Tap Out Loud dance team and I also play the French horn in the wind symphony.


Jeffrey Stewart, ’24
Calc 1 &2 and Comp Sci Tutor

I am majoring in computer science and minoring in math. I also like learning about history. I love strategy games, watching anime, and listening to music. My favorite genres are J-pop and J-rock.



Nikola Szymańska, ’24
Computer Science Tutor

I am a first generation student majoring in Computer Science with plans to minor in Economics. Watching movies (especially the horror genre) are what you can consider as my (main) hobby. I don’t think mentioning all my other interests will be efficient because it’ll end up being a long list, but to sum it up, I’m willing to dip my toes in just about anything!


Danielle Taschioglou, ’27
Tutor Concierge

I’m majoring in psychology, but am also interested in theological and spiritual studies. Outside of academics, I really enjoy creative writing and art (mostly pencil) 🙂


Mj Taylor, ’26
Biology, Statistics, and Data Science Tutor

Hi, I’m Mj. I am an Environmental Science (with a chemistry concentration) major here at Wheaton! This year, I’m hoping to start doing research around the Eastern White Pine tree, but love caring for and learning about plants in general. I’m also the Vice Chair for the Sexuality, Gender, and Inclusion Board, so I do a lot involving supporting and advocating for LGBTQ+ students.


Annika Terry, ’24
Spanish Tutor

I’m a Hispanic studies major, an anthropology minor, and I’m pursuing a Second Language Acquisition LEAP. Aside from languages and cultures, I love creative writing and cats (specifically my own, Cleo!)


Jennifer Thomas, ’25
German Tutor

Hi! I’m from Westford Massachusetts and I’m majoring in Women’s and Gender Studies. I have been learning German since middle school. I love to dance and am a member of Tap Out Loud! In my free time I love doing art, reading, watching TV, and hanging out with my friends.


Robin Troup
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and I’ll be majoring in Education. This year on campus, I’m a Peer Advisor and the president for the Ultimate Frisbee team. In my free time, I like to read and write creatively.


Vivian Van Holland, ’26
Data Science and Calculus Tutor

Hi! I am from Excelsior, Minnesota and I am a double major in math and secondary ed. I am also on the swim team. Some of my interests are baking, crafting, and playing the cello


Florence Yu, ’24
Chinese and Music Theory Tutor

I’m a creative writing + literature and music major. I like going on aimless walks, playing violin, and watercolor.


Zoe Ziegler, ’26
Greek Tutor

Hi! I am a combined Classics major and love the ancient world but I also enjoy learning about various STEM related subjects as well! I also love reading and playing video games with my friends in my free time.