More tutor bios coming soon for the 2022-2023 academic year!

Katrin Anwar, ’24
Writing Tutor



Zachary Barao, ’23
Writing Tutor

Hey there! I’m a Secondary Ed and English double major who plans on becoming a high school English teacher. My academic interests include educational policies/practices, the world of poetry, and fields of psychology related to development. On campus, I’m involved with the Beard & Weil Galleries, as well as the Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning. One of my personal hobbies is collecting vinyl records, and I love listening to and discussing music of the past and the present. I’m the one who does the polls and surveys in the scholar’s lab, and I’m always excited to see people’s participation! Come on by, I look forward to seeing you!

Jenna Beebe, ’24
Writing Tutor



Chris Bennett, ’23
Writing Tutor

I am completing an English major and a Philosophy minor. Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the Wheaton SGA, a Mayfellow, and am a part of the club frisbee team.


Kassidy Bennett, ’23
Accounting Tutor



Nathaniel Brown, ’25
Calculus 1 Tutor



Emma Campbell, ’24
Calculus 1 & 2, Math 141 & 151 Tutor

Hello hello! I’m Emma and I’m from Winchester, MA. I’m a math major, a business minor, and potentially an Animal Behavior minor as well! Animals are the absolute love of my life, despite the fact that I’m allergic to anything with fur! Besides animals, I love music, arts and crafts, and playing games of all varieties!


Kaylee Carson, ’25
Tutor Concierge

I am a double major in Business and Management, and Film and New Media Studies. I am a first-generation college student and have three dogs back at home!



Mikela Caruso, ’23
Russian Tutor



Avery Chan, ’25
COMP 115 & 118 Tutor + Tutor Concierge

I plan to double major in Business and Management and Computer Science. I like sports (MLB, NFL, NBA, and Soccer).


Sophia Clarkin, ’23
Writing Tutor

I’m a creative writing and film and new media studies double major who participates in acapella on campus in my free time! When I’m not rehearsing with the Whims, I’m watching New Girl, painting, or visiting my cats!

Brooke Cloutier, ’23
Writing Tutor



Isabel Coca, ’24
Statistics for Social Science Tutor

I am on the varsity volleyball team here at Wheaton and I am majoring in Public Health and Psychology. I am from San Diego and I love the beach, iced coffee, and going for hikes!


Megan Cuddy, ’25
Calculus  Tutor

Hi Everyone, I am a math and secondary education double major with a psychology minor from Natick, MA. I am a member of the women’s lacrosse team at Wheaton, and am also a member of Women in STEM and a Mayfellow on campus as well!

Tim Curran, ’24
Physics Tutor

I am a physics major with minors in astronomy and math. I also enjoy taking classes outside of the STEM area such as religion, political science, and music! Speaking of music, I play the alto saxophone and I am in the jazz band and wind symphony at Wheaton!

Ana Curry, ’24
Calculus  Tutor


Arianna DelMastro
Writing Tutor

I am a sagittarius, I really like gardening, and I am from the Connecticut town in which Lyme Disease was first discovered 😎 The dog in the photo is my son, Rico


Jenna Denomme, ‘23
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m a creative writing major from Cheshire, Connecticut with dreams of becoming a published author. My favorite stories ask questions like, “What would it be like to be a character in a story, aware that you exist to fulfill a role determined for you?” and “Why do we tell stories in the first place?”. I’m also interested in theater, music (I sing in chorale!) and video games.

Abbey Durell, ’23
Physics and Calculus 1&2 Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m a math and physics major from Manchester, NH. I am autistic and agender (she/they pronouns). I love dogs (I have a goldendoodle who I’m training to become a therapy dog), succulents, softball, baking, and board games (especially Catan).

Alexa Eaton, ’24
Chemistry and Calculus 1 &2 Tutor

Hi! I am from Topsham, Maine, and I’m majoring in Biochemistry with a possible minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I am currently a Chemistry lab TA, as well as a member of Ultimate Frisbee, Women in STEM, and May Fellows. In my free time, I enjoy reading, hiking, doing yoga, and spending time outdoors.

Hailey Fournier, ’24
Writing Tutor


Jolie Gagnon
Writing Tutor


Anthony Gatti
Comp Sci Tutor

Hey I’m a Computer Science and Math-Economics double major! I run XC and track in my free time and love to skate around campus. I’m always listening to music and you can catch me most days chilling in the science center.

Liam Griese, ’23
Corporate Finance, Econ 102 Tutor

Hi, I am an economics major. I am from Franklin, TN. I play rugby here at Wheaton. I have been a tutor for about a year now.

Kayla Heideman, ’24
Writing Tutor

I’m a Psychology major, I live with the Ohm Initiative House, and for fun I love to sit outside, draw, and any form of self care! I look forward to seeing more fellow students and helping allow them to have another resource on campus!

Sayed Ibrahimi, ’25
Logic and COMP 115 & 118 Tutor

Hi! I am a computer science major and a double minor in Data Science and Mathematics. I am an international student from Afghanistan and I lived in India since middle school. I love going to the gym, reading self-improvement books, trying new things (recently I have been experimenting with cooking and it turns out I am really good at it!), and hanging out with my friends. 🙂 ps: apparently I am a programming geek or am I?! 😉

Megan Kelleher, ’24
Math 141 Tutor

Hi everyone! I am a Biology major on the Pre-Medicine track, as well as a member of the Pre-Health Society and May Fellows. I am a current junior on the varsity womens volleyball team, and I am from Wethersfield, CT! I enjoy working out, drinking coffee, and going to the beach! Excited to help, so please feel free to stop by and ask me anything during my hours. I am here to help 🙂

Alexis Kublin, ‘24
Writing Tutor



Haley Luce, ‘24
Greek Tutor

Hi! I’m Haley, but feel free to call me Hal. I major in Classics here at Wheaton. I’m an ancient history enthusiast, and always love to talk about the Trojan War and Dionysus. I also do Art History, and am pursuing the Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) LEAPS. Outside of my academic life at Wheaton, I love birdwatching in my spare time, and I am a big fan of sci-fi. I also am co-president of SAFE HAÜS, Wheaton’s LGBTQ+ identity-based theme house.


Maddie Luongo
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m an English major and I’m double minoring in Philosophy and Environmental Studies! In my free time I love to read and write, play the flute, listen to music, and spend time in nature. I am also passionate about environmental sustainability and accessibility. On campus, I am co-president of the flute choir, and I work in the Advising and Career services office, but you can frequently find me hiding out in the library doing work. One of my favorite things about tutoring is getting the chance to read about what my peers are learning in their classes, and learn more about it myself.

Ophelia McGrail, ‘23
Bio 114 and Math 141 Tutor

Hi there! My name is Ophelia (they/them/theirs) and I’m a Biology major/Environmental Studies minor. I am interested in all things marine biology (especially marine megafauna), ecology, mycology, and astronomy. Outside of classes I love cooking, baking, foraging, bird watching, being in nature, weightlifting, and doing needle arts. In my time at Wheaton I have participated in Chorale, Chamber Choir, Alliance, SHAG, KAOS, SGA Accessibility Board, and WheAccess. I look forward to working with you!

Laura Molesworth, ‘23
Math 141 Tutor

I am a chemistry major on the pre-pharmacy track. I am on the Wheaton College Swimming and Diving team. I like drawing, painting, and taking photos. Currently, my favorite movie is the Studio Ghibli film, Pom Poko; and my favorite song is “Burning Hill” by Mitski.

Masen Morgan
Writing Tutor

I am majoring in Secondary Education and English and minoring in Classics. In addition to tutoring at Wheaton, I have worked as a caretaker/tutor for students k-5 professionally during my senior year of high school, my jobs including helping all students with their assignments and coursework. I also tutored for grades 8-12 all 4 years of high school. I have taken the courses EDU230 (Teaching English Language Learners), EDU251 (Special Education k-12), and EDU220 (Tutoring Writing). In my time outside of tutoring, I spend a lot of time watching bad Netflix and Hulu shows and doing yarn-based crafts like crochet.

Erin Moynihan
Writing Tutor



Ethan Na, ‘23
Calculus 1 & 2, Math 141 & 151 Tutor

I am a math and secondary education double major. I am hoping to become a high school math teacher when I graduate from Wheaton. I am also a member of the men’s tennis team, and a member of the Wheaton Athletic Mentors. Outside of school, I enjoy biking, swimming, cooking, and running.


Ethan Perry, ‘25
Calculus 1 & 2, Math 141 & 151 Tutor

I’m from Holliston, MA and I’m a Math major. I enjoy being active, working out, and playing ultimate frisbee.


Paige Rosenthal, ‘23
Writing Tutor

I am from North Reading, MA and I am an art history major with a particular interest in Renaissance and Avante-Garde art. I love to read in my spare time and my favorite book is the Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller. I love baking, being in nature, Taylor Swift, and cats, and I am the Co-President of Alliance.


Adele Rossignol
Spanish Tutor

I am a Psychology and Hispanic Studies double major with a minor in French Studies. I serve as a preceptor and as the Community Service coordinator for the May Fellows. I also am part of the Wheaton Chorale.



Amy Saad
Tutor Concierge

I’m majoring in Computer Science, and possibly a minor in something else. I love animals, fashion, and music. I was born in Connecticut and I’m from Egypt. I have 4 siblings and 2 cats.



Cassandra Slaney, ‘23
Writing Tutor



Cat Stewart
Writing Tutor

Hi! I’m from central New Hampshire. I’m majoring in English and minoring in Italian and Education. Outside of academics at Wheaton, I am a member of the Tap Out Loud dance team and I also play the French horn in the wind symphony.



Jeffrey Stewart
Calculus 1 &2 Tutor

I am majoring in computer science and minoring in math. I also like learning about history. I love strategy games, watching anime, and listening to music. My favorite genres are J-pop and J-rock.



Nikola Szymańska
Computer Science Tutor

I am a first generation student majoring in Computer Science with plans to minor in Economics. Watching movies (especially the horror genre) are what you can consider as my (main) hobby. I don’t think mentioning all my other interests will be efficient because it’ll end up being a long list, but to sum it up, I’m willing to dip my toes in just about anything!



Aviendha Taylor, ‘23
Japanese Tutor



Jordan Tiberi, ‘23
Italian Tutor

Hi! I’m from Warwick, Rhode Island. I am an environmental science major with a concentration in biology and an Italian studies minor. This will be my ninth year learning Italian! I am a big advocate for protecting the environment and conservation. On campus I am on the Sustainability Board and I live in ECCO House! 


Lily Tobin, ‘23
Calculus Tutor

I am majoring in math and double-minoring in data science and education. I absolutely love all things math, especially calculus I and II. I enjoy reading and watching TV (especially The Office) when I have free time. Along with tutoring, I am part of the Women in STEM club and the Mayfellows. One of my strengths is being very hard-working, so if you come to see me with questions, I will do my absolute best to help you in whatever way I can!


Quinn Wade, ‘24
Statistics for Social Science Tutor

I was born in Portsmouth, NH and currently live in Madbury, New Hampshire. I am a double major in political science and business, an avid hiker, traveler, skier, and someone who simply loves to learn!


Julia Warren, ‘23
Writing Tutor

Hi! My name is Jules! I’m from New Hampshire and am an English major. I’m also interested in Political Science and Hispanic Studies. I love horror movies and cartoons and am a huge bookworm.



Sophie Wilhelm, ‘23
Italian and Latin Tutor

Hi! I’m a Classics and Italian double major with a minor in math, from North Kingstown, RI. I’m also interested in museum work, and in addition to being a peer tutor, I work in the permanent collection here at Wheaton. Besides work and academics, I’m on the women’s volleyball team, am vice president of the Wheaton women’s club ice hockey team (you should join!), and a member of the Antiquities Club (you should also join!).

Victoria Zucco, ‘24
Writing Tutor