Erin Balachandran, ‘20
Writing Tutor

I’m a Creative Writing major and Latin minor from Haverhill, MA, who loves to write, listen to music, and watch the TV show Mr. Robot! Since coming to Wheaton, I’m most proud of becoming a staff member of the Wheaton Wire, and being published in the Rushlight Literary Magazine.

Nellie Boling, ’21
Calculus Tutor

Hi! I’m Nellie and I am a junior this year. I am majoring in both math and music, and I play the piano, uke, and I sing. I’m from Manchester, MA and when I’m home I mostly hang out with my cat and dog.

Leigh Brooks, ’22
Tutoring Support Staff

Hello everyone! I’m a sophomore from Blue Hill, ME, and I’m majoring in linguistics and history with a minor in French. I love languages, and it’s my goal to become fluent in as many as possible. In my spare time, I like hiking, birdwatching, and singing. I also like to bake, and I make lots of bread before exams for stress relief

Julia Centola, ‘21
Calculus and Chemistry 153 Tutor

Hi!  I am a Junior from Billerica, MA.  I am an Environmental Science major and a Mathematics minor. Here at Wheaton, I am a member of the Swimming and Diving team. When I graduate from Wheaton, I hope to work somewhere where I can pursue my love for the environment and my passion for math.

Holly Cohan, ‘20
Accounting, Calculus, and Statistics Tutor

I am a senior at Wheaton from Melrose, Massachusetts. I am majoring in math with a minor in statistics. I am on the swim team and the track team, and I am a member of the Women in STEM club.

Meggin Costa, ‘20
Biology, Chemistry and Calculus, Tutor

Hello! I am beginning my final year at Wheaton, where I study Biochemistry. I am interested in medicine, and ultimately aspire to become an infectious disease physician; I would also like to integrate teaching into my career. In my leisure time, I enjoy hiking, singing, reading, and movie-watching.

Calvin Curry, ’22
Calculus and Physics Tutor

Hello! I’m Calvin Curry, a physics major from Harvard, Massachusetts. I like to spend my free time hiking, climbing, and playing Elite.

Denise Dacosta, ‘20
Tutoring Support Staff

Hi, I’m Denise Dacosta and a senior from Santiago, Cape Verde. I am a psychology major with a minor in Public Health.

Sarah Daddario, ‘21
Accounting Tutor

I am a junior and I’m from Berlin, Connecticut. I’m majoring in Business and Management with a concentration in Analytics and New Media and minoring in Computer Science. I am a sprinter on the track team and a member of the Best Buds Club.

Lauren Davidson, ‘21
Statistics Tutor

Hi! I am a Junior from Swansea, MA. I am a Psychology and Elementary Education Major. At Wheaton I am on the Track and Field team! After my time at Wheaton, I plan on becoming an Elementary School teacher!

Anna Fairbairn, ‘22
Writing Tutor

Hello! I am a sophomore from Dover, New Hampshire studying Anthropology and Hispanic Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies. I love running and hiking outdoors especially in the White Mountains! I also love listening to and playing music. On campus I play the violin in orchestra and am involved in Wheaton’s Best Buds club.

Amanda Flanagan, ‘20
Biology and Statistics Tutor

Hi Everyone! My name is Amanda, and I am a senior studying Neuroscience and Animal Behavior. On campus, I play the clarinet and steel drums, and I am the Secretary for Colleges Against Cancer. In my spare time, I enjoy watching Netflix, reading, hiking, and volunteering at Nine Lives of Norton. I hope to be a veterinarian and care for small and wildlife animals.

Adam Friedman, ‘22
Calculus Tutor

I am a sophomore from Essex Junction, VT. I am a math major and an economics minor. I love watching sports, playing video games, and helping people out!

Marissa Gamache, ‘20
Writing Tutor

I’m a Linguistics major with minors in French and Music Theory from New Hampshire. At Wheaton, I’m captain of the Equestrian Team and a member of the French club. I have done research with the Lexos Lab and Oxford Language and Brain Lab and would like to continue linguistic research after graduation. Off campus, I love adventuring and traveling, and was able to visit several countries during my semester abroad in Paris.

Morgan Gerrish, ‘21
Writing Tutor

Hello! I’m Morgan and I’m a commuter student from North Dighton, Massachusetts. I am a junior English major and a Visual Art minor with aspirations to become an author of fantasy and dystopian novels for young adults after college. When I’m not hanging out around campus you can usually find me working on my numerous stories, doodling, reading, cuddling with my two cats, or jamming out to musicals with my younger sister.

Courtney Gibeley, ‘20
Tutoring Support Staff

Hi! My name is Courtney and I am a senior studying Psychology and Public Health. On campus, I am a part of the Wheaton Whims a cappella group, the co-President of the Psychology Club and a preceptor. My favorite place on campus is where I live, Emerson Feminist Perspectives House, because I get to live with some of my best friends while also learning from them every day.

Lily Goneau, ‘20
Writing Tutor

I am a Creative Writing major from North Attleboro MA who aims to become a professional author after college. I love everything fantasy, and most of the time I can be found writing my YA fantasy novel, playing D&D with my friends, hiking, and simply enjoying the arts and the various activities that Wheaton has to offer!

Adrienne Green, ‘21
Writing Tutor

Hi! My name’s Adrienne and I’m from Newton, MA. I’m an English major and a writer for the Wheaton Wire, as well as an avid creative writer. I’m having fun when I’m traveling, waterskiing, finding great local restaurants, and explaining what a New England frappe is. Last year I hiked to the Mount of High Sacrifice in Petra, walked barefoot through ancient water tunnels in the City of David in Jerusalem, and learned to use a chainsaw. I haven’t lost my sense of adventure!

Hannah Greene, ‘20
Tutoring Support Staff

Hi, I’m from midcoast Maine, and I’m a member of the Class of 2020! I’m an Environmental Science major and I also have interests in Public Health and Public Policy studies. On campus, I am treasurer of ECCO House and attend meetings for the Women in STEM club. Since coming to Wheaton I am incredibly thankful for all the unique and inspirational people I’ve met. I also love to read, hike, play tennis, and travel- I recently went to Iceland!!

Erin Grice, ‘21
Writing Tutor

I am planning to be a Psychology Major and an Education Minor, I am from Albany, New York, I have two cats at home and I like to do yoga.

Alvaro Guerra Rodriguez, ‘20
Corporate Finance, Calculus, and  Statistics Tutor

Hi! I’m a Mathematics and Economics double major and I’m from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I really enjoy having genuine conversations with people around campus and helping out in any way I can. Besides being a peer tutor, I’m also a Sophomore Peer Mentor, which I hope will be as rewarding as this position has been. I really enjoy traveling and photography, so please don’t hesitate to start a conversation with me if you have a cool traveling story you want to share.

Rachel Guerriero, ‘20
Writing Tutor

Hey, I’m Rachel and I’m a senior studying political science and public policy here at Wheaton. I am from Townsend, Massachusetts. My hobbies include 100 piece puzzles, cats, and tending to the small garden I keep in my dorm room. I love writing, and I hope to share that passion with you!

Shelby Hanks, ’22
Calculus Tutor

Hi!! I am a sophomore from Lebanon, New Hampshire. I haven’t declared a major yet, but will most likely major in anthropology and minor in math. In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, hiking, snowboarding, or listening to music.

Jillian Hanson, ’22
Calculus Tutor

Hello, I am from the class of 2022 from New Hampshire and I am a math and computer science double major. I am involved in the equestrian team, crafts club and flute choir here at Wheaton.

Lauriina Heinonen, ’22
Writing Tutor

Hi everyone! I am Lauriina, a Sophomore all the way from Helsinki, Finland. I am a Business major with a double minor in International Relations and French. On campus in addition to tutoring I work as an Admissions Ambassador for the Office of Admissions. Most people might recognize me from the pool as I am a member of our very own Wheaton Synchronized Swimming team. In my free time I love to be active in any way possible and to socialize with friends. I love to meet new people, which is why I love working as a tutor.

Caroline Heistand, ‘20
Psychology Tutor

I am a senior from Rhode Island and I study Neuroscience on the pre-med track. I love (bad) nerdy science and literary jokes, watching Jaws on repeat, playing the cello, and Scotland. I would greatly appreciate any bad psychology puns and pet photos you are willing to share with me.

Becca Houghton, ‘20
Biology and Statistics tutor 

Hello, I am a senior Biology major from Emmaus, Pennsylvania. I am part of the volleyball team here at Wheaton, where I am a Wheaton Athletic Mentor. In my free time I love to read, watch tennis and soccer matches, snack on something delicious, watch late night hosts do hilarious games with guests, and find adorable animal posts on Instagram.

Karen Iizuka, ‘21
Tutoring Support Staff

Hi! I am a Japanese-American born and raised in the suburbs of New Jersey. I am double majoring in education and religion. When not in the classroom or library, I specialize in making milkshakes and pizza bagels at the Lyon’s Den, as well as throwing potlucks for the community and composting as a member of ECCO house. I like reading/listening to music outside when it’s warm, cooking with my friends, going to the beach, and exploring Boston with my twin sister.

Olivia James, ‘21
Logic and Writing Tutor

I’m a junior majoring in Creative Writing and Literature. I’m the youngest of three girls and from Sharon, Massachusetts, and I continue to commute from home. Last year I volunteered at the local pre-school Head Start where I helped out as a classroom assistant, and I’m excited to help more students this year!

Marissa Kanakry, ‘22
Writing Tutor

I am a Psychology major minoring in Education and Women & Gender Studies, and I am from Cumberland, RI. I am a tour guide and information session panelist for the Office of Admission. As a Preceptor, I enjoy helping underclassmen make a smooth transition to college as well as with course selection, organization and general advising! I am also a member of the Weiss Women leadership group on campus! Last summer, I had an internship in the Psychiatry department of a local hospital, and I helped with research among other projects, and I also work at a local Insurance company during the summer and winter breaks.

Si Kavalkovich, ‘20
Spanish and Writing Tutor

Hi! My name is Si (pronounced like “sigh”), and I’m a senior majoring in Hispanic Studies and Political Science. I’m originally from Cobalt, Connecticut. I spend my free time enjoying good food, good books, and mediocre TV shows

Téa Kepler, ‘23
Tutoring Support Staff

Hi! I am from midcoast Maine and I am a first year. I am interested in psychology and hispanic studies. I used to pole vault, but now I enjoy reading, spending time with my three cats, and watching Friends.

Anna Lally, ‘21
Statistics and Writing Tutor

Hi! My name is Anna, and I am a neuroscience major with a minor in English. I grew up on a small farm in Leverett MA (right near UMass Amherst), and I used to go to a ballet boarding school in Philadelphia. On campus I am a member of the May Fellows advisory board, part of the Women in STEM club, and a preceptor! When I’m not in class or lab, you can usually find me re-watching Arrested Development or making fancy Mac and cheese.

Hunter Leidinger, ‘23
Logic (Philosophy)Tutor

Hi, I am a first year here at Wheaton from Carver MA, I am considering majoring in Philosophy but also have interests in Biology, Writing, and Business. In my spare time, I enjoy videogames, playing tennis, exploring, and writing.

Nick Lekkas, ‘20
Russian Tutor

I’m a Russian Studies major and Economics minor from Worcester, Massachusetts. My goal is to ultimately put my Russian skills to use in some way or another within the U.S. government. I’m an avid soccer fan who plays on Wheaton’s club soccer team, and am also the Treasurer of Greek Club. On an ordinary day, you’ll find me working out, listening to the latest Post Malone album, kicking a ball around on one of the fields with my friends, or buying way too many coffees from Emerson.

Hannah Lord, ‘22
Computer Science Tutor

My name is Hannah and I am from Littleton, MA. I am a Computer science and film and new media studies double major with a passion for environmentalism! In my free time I enjoy playing piano, drinking tea, and watching the Bachelor. I have two dogs back home; a 13 year old black lab named Koto and a bulldog-border collie pup name Ralfie!

Sarah Maliarik, ‘20
Spanish Tutor

A northern California native, I am a double major in Hispanic Studies and Theatre and Dance Studies with a minor in Education. On campus, I participate in theatre productions and work for Admissions. I also love traveling! In fact, I have studied abroad in Spain, London, and Tanzania. After college, I want to continue to travel and then go into education.

Helene Mantineo, ‘21
Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus Tutor

I am a biochemistry major and am on the pre-medical track with aspirations of becoming a surgeon.  Here at school I am a part if the Ultimate Frisbee team, on the executive board of Best Buds, and do research in Professor Robert Morris’s lab.  Outside of class, I enjoy reading, running, and watching movies.

Soheir Mobin, ’20
Writing Tutor

Hiya! My name is Soheir Mobin, and the memory trigger for my name comes from the So-much-hair on my curly-haired head! I am currently a double major for Business and English, and am also an Anthropology minor – multifaceted interests are my forte. I am a huge advocate for identity and culture, having lived in 6 different countries growing up, but my heart will never outgrow my beautifully colorful Pakistani cultural upbringing. I love writing, poetry, music, and people – in no specific order – and can be instantly cheered up with a confectionary delight!

Astrid Montagano, ’20
Italian Tutor

Ciao! I am a senior Italian Studies major from Upstate NY, and I am very excited to be the Italian Tutor! My Italian journey started at Wheaton as a freshman in 101 and I’m thrilled to have spent my junior year abroad in Florence, IT and now be the tutor! I look forward to working with students with whatever questions they have from grammar to questions about my abroad experience.

Jocelyn Mora, ‘20
Writing Tutor

I am a senior from Providence, Rhode Island with a major in Neuroscience and a minor in Hispanic Studies. I am Secretary of LSA and a member of several other clubs on campus. During my free time I enjoy listening to music, cooking, dancing, and, of course, watching Netflix. As a peer writing tutor, I am excited to help you in any way I can!

JP Prideaux, ‘20
Computer Science Tutor

I’m a Physics and Computer Science double major from Danvers, MA. I plan on one day working for NASA or SpaceX coding for space. I am a huge Trekkie (Star Trek Fan) and when I am not doing school work or hanging out with friends I am most likely gaming. Live Long and Prosper!

Sierra Proft, ’21
Latin tutor

Χαιρετε! Ι’m a Classics major who enjoyed a summer as a research assistant and rewatching episodes of Friends. When I’m not toiling over my classes you can find me laughing at Classics memes that probably aren’t that funny. Can’t wait to meet you!

Jackson Reed
Computer Science and Music Theory Tutor

Hi! I’m a computer science and music major from Beverly, MA. I play drums and viola in several ensembles at Wheaton. I’m enthusiastic about jazz, sci-fi, and turtles.

Calvin Riiska, ’20
Calculus and Physics Tutor

Hi! I am a senior from Gorham, ME. I am a double major in Physics and Mathematics. I hope to one day continue my studies in a doctorate program and potentially pursue a career in higher education. Here on campus I am a Resident Advisor and I am the president of the Men’s Rugby club. I am a huge fan of the Baltimore Orioles, I love listening to heavy metal, and my dogs are my best friends.

Lily Scammon, ‘20
Psychology and Writing Tutor

Hi I’m Lily and I am a senior on the Wheaton Women’s soccer team! I am studying psychology and I love to sing as well as attempt to play the ukulele. I have three older sisters who I am very close with, and I love to hang out with them as well as my friends.

Carina Sclafani, ‘20
Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus Tutor

Hello! I am a biochemistry major from Harrison, ME.  I am on the pre-medicine track with many different interests within the field such as oncology, surgery, and emergency medicine.  Outside of the classroom, I am a member of the orchestra, a peer mentor, and am active in research in the chemistry department.  I love to travel, and got the opportunity to travel a lot in Europe during my semester abroad in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tyler Setterlund, ‘20
Writing Tutor

Hi everyone! My name is Tyler Setterlund and I am from Orleans, Massachusetts. I am a senior and I major in History and Secondary Education. I also serve on the exec board of History Club. Outside of Wheaton, I work as an educator at a nature sanctuary and am hoping to become a teacher!


Meghan Sharick, ‘20
Statistics Tutor

Hi! I’m a neuroscience major in the class of 2019! My favorite thing I have done at Wheaton was traveling abroad to Bhutan. On campus I am a tutor, work at the library and am a research assistant in the cognitive neuroscience lab. I love talking about science so feel free to stop by!

Olivia Soulard, ‘21
Writing Tutor

I’m a junior from Essex, MA currently majoring in elementary education and English. In my free time I enjoy reading, running, drinking large amounts of tea and coffee, and binge-watching Netflix with my friends.

Blair Stratman, ‘20
Calculus Tutor

Hello! I am a senior math major at Wheaton. I am also participating in the Dual Degree Engineering Program at Dartmouth College to pursue mechanical engineering. In my free time I enjoy listening to Phish and learning how to knit. After college, I hope to build bridges and learn how to ride a RipStik.

Charles Sykes, ‘21
Writing Tutor

Charles Sykes is a junior and a History and Secondary Education double major. He has an interest in creative writing and fiction as well. He is also on the executive boards for SAFE HAUS.

Jean (Jingyu) Tao, ‘20
Chinese Tutor

Hi, I’m Jean from China, I’m senior double major in Visual Arts and Business management. I’m looking forward to seeing you all this semester.

Lily Tobin, ‘23
Calculus Tutor

Hi! I’m Lily, I love math, and I’m from Hopkinton, New Hampshire. Although I am only a freshman, I am hoping to double-major in math and secondary education. Currently, I plan on becoming a math teacher when I graduate Wheaton. When I have any extra time on my hands, I enjoy watching cooking competition shows and reading.

Nina Treese, ‘20
Greek Tutor

Hi, my name is Nina Treese. I am a double major in Classics and Anthropology from Wayland, Massachusetts. I am involved with a number of groups on campus including the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) club, and I love picking up new hobbies such as knitting and book binding.

Sarah True, ‘20
Writing Tutor

My name is Sarah True and I am a writing tutor at Wheaton. I’m from South Berwick, Maine and I’m a member of the class of 2020 majoring in English with a concentration in New Media and a minor in Journalism. On campus I am a member of the Wheaton Whims a capella group and I work as an intern in the admissions office. If you ever see me giving a tour feel free to wave!

Annie Tucker, ‘20
History of Art and Math in Art Tutor

Hi! I’m a Senior from Mattapoisett, MA. My majors are History of Art and Italian Studies. I’m the president of ArtHive and I work in the Wheaton Archives. After the sad day in May when I leave Wheaton, I hope to become an archivist.  I love to bake and I dream of returning to Florence, Italy, where I studied abroad, to open up my own bread and pastry shop!

Chloe Van Dyne, ‘22
German Tutor

Hi! I’m Chloe and I am a sophomore from Madison, New Hampshire. I am a German major, a member of the track and field team, an admissions ambassador, and a peer mentor. I enjoy making collages, jewelry, and other arts and crafts; I love a good sunrise/ sunset; and I’m pretty much a gelato/ ice cream connoisseur.

Laura Villeneuve, ‘20
French Tutor

Hi! I am a senior majoring in US History, Secondary Education, and French, and I’m originally from Auburn, New Hampshire. I enjoy reading, listening to music, and working out, but my passion is working with young people, which is why I hope to become a middle school social studies teacher after graduating.

Connor Will, ‘20
Writing Tutor

I grew up in Mesa, Arizona and through coming to Wheaton College, I have gotten to fulfill one of my aspirations of coming to New England. I am a Psychology Major with a Theatre Minor and am still unsure of what I want to do in the future, but I do know that psych is the field I want to be in.

Molly Wood, ‘20
Writing tutor

I’m a Psychology and Women & Gender Studies double major from Upstate NY. I hope to pursue psych research or work at a non-profit after graduation (but am still trying to figure it out like most of us!). Outside of class, I love to paint and draw, write poetry, watch way too much Netflix, and hang out with my friends and my cat. In addition to tutoring writing, I also work for a non-profit and work as the Assistant Manager of the Box Office on campus so if you attend any theatre or dance events, you’ll probably see me in the (very small) box office in Watson