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 Common New Student Questions

    • Who can I talk to with questions about my room, hall, or events on campus?

      Most Halls on campus have one Resident Assistant on each floor. These fellow students are leaders on campus and are in tune with campus events, groups, and policies. So, use them as a resource!

    • How big are the rooms?

      At Wheaton there is no standard size for a residence hall room and for many of the rooms we do not have dimensions readily available. To give you a sense of the size average square feet are as follows:

      Single - 100 square feet
      Double - 150 to 170 square feet
      Triple - 180 to 200 square feet
      Quad - over 225 square feet

    • What furniture comes with my room?

      All rooms have a desk, chair, bed, dresser, and closet. There is an overhead light and blinds. Most rooms, particularly in the First Year student areas, have tiled floors.

    • Can I come visit my room over the summer?

      Unfortunately no, many of the halls are used for summer Conferences and Camps during the summer months. They would not be available to view.

    • When is move-in? Can I arrive early?

      Move in information can be found on the New Student Orientation and Move-In page:http://wheatoncollege.edu/sail/core/orientation/.  Because limitations on our staff and final preparations to the residence halls, we cannot accept early arrivals prior to the morning of move-in day unless you are participating in a Pre-Orientation program or preseason Athletics.

Additional Common Questions

    • What is my mailing address?

      To ensure proper delivery of mail, magazines, packages, etc. to you at the college please use the following address format:

      Student Name
      Box W####
      Wheaton College
      26 East Main Street
      Norton, MA 02766

      Go to http://wheatoncollege.edu/office-campus-mail-services/ for more information

    • Is there any way to vacuum my floor?
      We suggest bringing a small vacuum for your use.  Some halls have vacuums that the Hall Staff can let you borrow.
    • Are there laundry rooms in the residence halls?
      All residence halls have commercial washers and dryers. Every residential student is charged a yearly fee for laundry, so you don't need change to operate the machines.
    • Is there somewhere I can cook?
      Yes. Most residence hall has some sort of kitchenette that includes a stove, oven and microwave.
    • Can I remove furniture from my room?
      Students are prohibited from removing college furniture from their rooms for any reason.  The College does not have storage for room furniture, so it must remain in the room.
    • Can I have a refrigerator in my room?
      Yes, up to 3 cubic feet.
    • What is not allowed in my room?

      Air conditioners are strictly prohibited. Additionally, appliances such as hot plates, immersion heaters, electric space heaters, microwaves, halogen lamps or any appliances with open heating elements are not permitted.

      Limited personal appliances such as stereo equipment, electric blankets and hair dryers are permitted, though care should be taken not to overload outlets.

      State regulations require any residence hall curtains or draperies to be of fiberglass or other non-combustible material and that upholstered furniture is flame-retardant.

    • Can I paint my room?

      Students who wish to paint their rooms must submit a Paint Request Form to the Office of Residential Life. Only room walls may be painted. The College Paint Shop will supply the paint and painting materials.

      Follow this link for more information:  http://wheatoncollege.edu/residential-life/policies-forms/room-painting/

    • Can I use nails to hang up my pictures?
      No, items may not be screwed, nailed, bolted or glued to the walls or woodwork in the residence halls or the houses.  We suggest using 3M brand removable products.
    • Can I switch rooms and/or get a new roommate?
      Yes, all room change requests should first be discussed with your Area Coordinator (AC). If you don't know who the AC for your hall is, contact the Office of Residential Life.
    • I've locked myself out of my room, how do I get back in?

      During regular business hours, students who get locked out of their rooms may be issued a key temporarily by the College Locksmith. This key must be returned directly to the Locksmith immediately after students let themselves into their room. There is a $10.00 non-refundable charge if you forget to bring it back.

      During non-business hours, students who get locked out of their rooms should call Public Safety for assistance. Although Public Safety will provide this service, students must realize that other duties may take a priority, and the service may not be delivered immediately. While everyone locks him/herself out of a room or building occasionally, students will be billed $15.00 per request beyond the first two requests during an academic year. As a matter of courtesy and to allow Public Safety Officers to remain on patrol, students should contact Public Safety if they are able to get into their rooms after having requested the assistance of an officer.

    • I've lost my keys, what should I do?

      Contact the College Locksmith in Physical Plant.  If the key is lost and the lock is re-keyed for their safety. Students will be billed $35.00 for each key lost.

      This will cover the expense of re-keying the front door, replacing all keys, and the paperwork involved.

    • Why can't I get access to any other residence hall?
      Maintaining the safety and security of the residence halls is the responsibility of all those who reside within. The front doors of the residence halls are locked at all times. Students are issued a key, which enables them to gain access to their residence hall. These doors should never be propped open.
    • What happens to my room during vacation?
      During mid-semester breaks, you must vacate your room.
    • Can I store my belongings on campus over the summer?
      Limited storage is available for those living over 500 miles from campus.  Go here for more information:  http://wheatoncollege.edu/residential-life/policies-forms/storage/
    • Should I carry personal property insurance to cover loss, theft, or other damage to personal property?
      Yes. The College does not insure students' personal belongings. you should arrange to have your items insured before you come to school through homeowners' insurance.
    • What happens if I break the rules?
      The College has established a judicial process for the purpose of adjudicating violations of the honor code, community standards, and college policies. Most students who break the rules have their cases heard by the Area Coordinator (AC) of their quad.

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