Student voices on diversity, equity and inclusion

As the entire Wheaton community engages in ongoing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) work, students are playing a crucial role in helping the college make progress on its Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

One major way they are contributing is as student liaisons to the Diversity, Equity and Access Leadership (DEAL) Senate Committee. Established in fall 2018, DEAL is an umbrella entity that strives to create opportunities for innovative diversity work to flourish by fostering and coordinating leadership efforts across campus.

Student liaisons help communicate to the student body the realities of what is happening on campus in terms of DEI initiatives in an engaged and meaningful way, according to DEAL Co-chair Stephanie Burlington Daniels ’97, associate professor of theatre and dance.

“Their voices are critically important because they represent the student voice. Through their leadership, we are creating even more reciprocal opportunities to hear from students, as well as share with the student body what we’re accomplishing in a way that really resonates,” she said.

Some of their recent initiatives include offering designated time for student feedback during DEAL Senate Committee meetings, establishing town halls and building a social media presence.

Four current student liaisons shared how they view their roles and their impact on campus: