DEAL Senate student liaison

Joseline “Jos” Buggie ’24
Major: Undeclared

What inspired you to join the DEAL Senate as a student liaison?

“I feel that the student voice is the best way to see and make progress on campus within DEI initiatives. Students benefit from the resources and community Wheaton creates, yet, if there is a disconnect between the student body and the people working on DEI efforts, how will it be known whether the students truly feel safe, heard and valued on campus? I feel that I have a unique perspective to offer as someone who is biracial.”

Why is DEAL’s work important to you?

“Everyone’s story should be heard and I hope I am able to share the ones I do have the privilege to hear to the board as well as draw attention to the general needs of the Wheaton community that may not have been addressed. I also want to be a resource for student groups in relaying information about how certain things are being tackled and what events might be beneficial in increasing empathy. Having an inside look into the work being done behind the scenes and toward the top of the leadership hierarchy helps me understand the work needed to become an actively anti-racist community.”

What have you learned and what skills have you gained from the experience so far?

“I have been able to hear the perspectives of faculty on how they see the Wheaton community and how it can and will be improved. Having this role has allowed me to get to know the faculty at another level, which I hope other students get to experience outside of this context. Being on this board has helped me devise tangible solutions in a new light in regard to addressing a community rather than a club, where most of my leadership experience is from, mostly from high school.”

Jos Buggie is part of the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and a first-year representative on the Sustainability Board.

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