Residential Life tries to provide and sustain a healthy living environment for all students living in our halls and houses. We expect students to help us achieve that by taking responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of your room and abiding by the College Fire Safety policies and the policies set by the Norton Fire Department.


Residential Life staff will conduct a minimum of one Health and Safety inspection per semester. These inspections can be announced or unannounced.

During formal Inspections, staff will utilize this Health and Safety Inspection Report (pdf).  A copy will be filed within Residential Life and a copy will be left with the residents.

Some common violations:

  • Items hanging from ceilings or pipes
  • Candles, wax burners, incense
  • Prohibited appliances like microwaves
  • String lights of any kind (including LED strips) and lava lamps
  • Light duty extension cords (cords with only two prongs)
  • Excessive wall coverings
  • Cloth wall decorations (flags, tapestries, etc.) are not permitted in residence halls/residential rooms due to the high flammable nature of these materials