Below is a list of common items that are not permitted in the Residence Halls and Houses. Our policies have been developed in partnership with the Norton Police and Fire Department, Campus Safety, Wheaton’s Director of Environmental Health and Safety, and Residential Life.  They have been identified as high risk by town regulation and/or best practices in College Housing.

We recognize that some items may restrict what some of you may want to do to make your room your home.  Please recognize that our community’s health and safety is the number one priority.

Restricted from Campus Rooms

  • Air conditioners (unless approved)
  • Candles/Incense (and incense burning stands)
    • Any item that creates an open flame
  • Cooking Items with exposed heating elements
    • Coffee pots with exposed warming area (Keurig or other internal heating process is OK)
    • Electric pans/Griddles
    • Grills (including George Forman or similar)
    • Hot plates
    • Microwaves (the only acceptable microwave belongs to the MicroFridge unit)
    • Toasters and Toaster Ovens
    • Waffle irons
    • Crock pots
    • Air fyers
    • Rice cookers
  • Decoration Restrictions
    • No Fabric or cloth of any kind can hang from a wall (curtains over windows are ok with NFPA 701 certification)
    • No string lights (battery operated and/or LED lights are permitted)
    • No items hanging from ceilings, lights, exit signs, pipes, or sprinkler heads
    • Wall coverings (posters, pictures, etc.) cannot exceed 25% of exposed wall surface
  • Electrical
    • No Light Duty Extension Cords (pictured below) – Only UL approved, heavy gauge extension cords with 3-prong connections are permitted.
    • Outlets should not be overloaded – each outlet can safely handle one UL approved multi-plug surge protector.
  • Furniture, upholstered
    • Due to fire code regulations, no outside, residential-grade upholstered furniture is permitted. Upholstered furniture must have a CAL 117 rating and be labeled as such.
  • Halogen Lamps
    • Halogens can be easily identified by their bulb (that gets extremely hot). Desk lamps typically have a small handle to use when adjusting the lamp because the unit is too hot to touch.
    • Includes lava lamps
  • Heaters – space heaters of any kind
  • Mattress Pads that are “Egg Crate Style”
    • Pads made from a different material or that have a cover are permitted
  • Pets (except fish, service, or assistance animals)
  • Weapons (knives, decorative swords, any type of gun, etc)

* All fire safety equipment (smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, etc.) must remain functional and in place.

Tampering with, disabling, covering, or any action that inhibits the function of this equipment is a serious violation that puts the entire community at risk. Sanctions for these violations carry a $500 fine.

** This list is not exhaustive and can be changed at the discretion of Wheaton College.