The purpose of Wheaton’s fire safety program is to create a safe campus, free of fire and the risk of fire.

Fire Safety Regulations and Prevention

  • The burning of incense, candles, sterno, kerosene or oil lamps, and use of non-safety matches is prohibited, even during a loss of electrical power. Even if unlit, these items are prohibited because they pose a potential serious fire hazard. Flashlights should be kept available for emergencies to augment emergency hall lighting. Light duty extension cords are prohibited (only UL approved heavy gauge extension cords with 3 prong connections are permitted).
  • Students are prohibited from creating or participating in a fire hazard or situation that endangers others, including but not limited to, arson and constructing an open fire without a permit.
  • State regulations require any residence hall curtains or draperies to be of fiberglass or other non-combustible material and that upholstered furniture be flame-retardant. Mattress pads with exposed foam, commonly in an “egg shape” are prohibited.
  • Appliances such as hot plates, immersion heaters, electric space heaters, or any appliances with open heating elements are not permitted. Irons may only be used in laundry rooms. Cooking in student rooms is prohibited.
  • Halogen lamps are prohibited, including lava lamps.
  • Hookahs, electronic cigarettes, and other smoking or vaping devices are prohibited.
  • Hoverboards are prohibited.
  • Fire pits are prohibited.
  • The use of paper or other flammable items as decorations is forbidden around lighting fixtures, exit signs, on hall doors or ceilings of rooms.
  • Smoke detectors, located in each room, should not be covered or otherwise obstructed with any type of cloth or other decorative material.
  • The use of live Christmas trees is prohibited. Caution should be used with any other holiday decorations.
  • No string lights of any kind (including LED strips)
  • Wall coverings cannot exceed 25% of total wall surface (per wall)
  • No items hanging from ceilings, lights, exit signs, pipes, or sprinkler heads, anything attached to the wall must be adhered at four corners.
  • Tampering with fire detection and safety equipment, calling in false fire alarms, and possession of explosive or incendiary materials and devices are serious offenses subject to disciplinary action and/or criminal charges. The Norton Fire Department reserves the right to issue a $500 charge for responding to malicious false alarms. This charge will be assessed to the responsible parties or to the residents of the hall involved. Students found in possession of/or setting off fireworks or other incendiary devices are subject to a $100 fine and other possible disciplinary action by the college.
  • Any resident who fails to evacuate a residence hall immediately after a fire alarm or refuses to cooperate with hall staff members and/or Campus Safety/Fire personnel, is subject to disciplinary action and may be suspended or removed from the residence hall.
  • The storage of furniture, motor bikes, bicycles and automotive equipment in corridors of College buildings and residence halls is prohibited.

Additional information about Wheaton’s Fire Safety program can be found on insideWheaton.