The Eunice Caldwell Leadership Award
Eunice Caldwell served as the first principal of Wheaton Seminary. While still a young woman herself, she became committed to the cause of higher education. Her strength, commitment and leadership contributed to the progress of Wheaton Female Seminary during its early years. This award is given to a sophomore who has shown initiative and leadership through their first two years at Wheaton.

The Caroline Cutler Metcalf Leadership Award
Caroline Cutler Metcalf was characterized as an innovator who was always in search of ways to expand and improve the curriculum of the Wheaton Female Seminary during the 1850’s and 1860’s.  She was especially committed to strengthening the athletic program, and did so through her superb character, presence and ability.  This award is given to a student who through leadership and commitment has strengthened the Wheaton College Athletic Program.

The Horizon First-Year Leadership Award
The Horizon First-Year Leadership Award celebrates and encourages a first-year student who demonstrates enthusiasm for Wheaton and exhibits the potential to use their talent to make a positive impact during their time at Wheaton. This potential may be demonstrated through involvement in any area of a Wheaton student’s experience.

The Eleanor Augusta Norcross Leadership Award
Eleanor Augusta Norcross, a graduate of the Wheaton Female Seminary in 1872, founded the Fitchburg Art Museum and has had her artistic work hung in the Musee des Arts Decoratifs de Louvre.  This award is given to a student whose leadership has advanced the cultural and performing arts at Wheaton.

The Emily Susan Hartwell Leadership Award
A graduate of the Wheaton Female Seminary class of 1883, Emily Susan Hartwell pioneered the development of industrial schools and orphanages in China, and was awarded the Order of the Golden Grain by the President of the Republic of china in 1918.  This award is given to a student who has made a significant contribution in and outside the Wheaton Community, by motivating others to action in the areas of social, political or global responsibility.

The Ruth Capers McKay Leadership Award
As a student, Ruth Capers McKay ’23 was an outstanding leader in campus activities.  Upon her graduation, she carried her enthusiasm for Wheaton with her as an active alumna, for many years a member of the Board of Trustees.  Mrs. McKay has demonstrated an excitement and dedication to Wheaton for over sixty years.  She embodies Wheaton’s spirit and our hopes for all Wheaton students.  This award is given to a member of the junior or senior class who has demonstrated dedication and commitment to the College through active campus leadership.

The Wheaton Ujima Leadership Award
Ujima is a Swahili word which indicates collective work and responsibility.  It symbolizes the concept of building and maintaining the community through education and support.  As the third principle of kwanza, the African-American holiday celebrating family and community, Ujima reminds us all that true peace is not the absence of tension, but the presence of justice.  This award recognizes a junior or senior whose thoughtful and consistent commitment to equity, inclusion, and justice is exemplified by their active involvement in meaningful efforts at Wheaton to build an inclusive community.

The Patricia King Leadership Award
As president of the College Government Association, Patricia King ’63 exhibited the leadership skills she would carry with her and develop throughout her professional life.  She served as the Assistant Chairwoman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Deputy Director of the Office for Civil Rights in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare.  She is currently the Carmack Waterhouse Professor of Law, Medicine, Ethics, and Public Policy at Georgetown University Law Center. She served as chairwoman of the Wheaton College Board of Trustees from 2000-2005.  This award is given to a freshman or sophomore who has shown significant progress in developing leadership skills through active participation in campus activities.

The Landmark Leadership Award
Wheaton’s transition to coeducation was a landmark event for the College.  Established by Wheaton’s first coeducational class of 1992, the Landmark Award is presented to a student of either the junior or senior class, who have demonstrated a commitment to gender equity and collaboration throughout their years at Wheaton.

The Richard and Virginia Thornburgh Leadership Award
Richard and Virginia Thornburgh share a commitment to public life and service.  They have dedicated themselves to working for the public good and for those causes and institutions which influence the quality of life.  As Governor of Pennsylvania and as U.S. Attorney General, Richard exemplified the honorable dedication of service that is one of the great strengths of this nation.  Virginia’s involvement in human services was nurtured by her education at Wheaton.  Her efforts on behalf of children and adults with disabilities have been widely acknowledged.  They were honorary degree recipients at Wheaton in 1981.  The award is given to a student from any class who has made substantial contributions in the area of community service away from the Wheaton campus.

The Helene Pruszynski Leadership Award
A member of the class of 1980, Helene was Chairwoman of the Residential Hall Council.  Her enthusiasm for life, her optimism and her dedication to the Wheaton Community serve as an inspiration to all.  This award is given to a senior dedicated to the Wheaton community, who has enriched the campus environment through contributions to student life and commitments to others.

The Eliza Baylies Wheaton Leadership Award
Eliza Baylies Wheaton was the woman most singularly responsible for the founding of the Wheaton Seminary in 1834 and the continued expansion of this institution from its inception as a female seminary to a college. Her unselfish commitment to Wheaton, her iron will, executive ability, and strong principles and beliefs serve as a legacy of leadership and responsibility for all Wheaton students. This award is given to a junior or senior for unwavering support of their fellow students, remaining active and involved in the campus community, and for living the Wheaton values of innovation, community, diversity, and high standards.  This award is given to a junior or senior dedicated to adding a new dimension to campus life by founding, revitalizing or transforming a program, office or initiative at Wheaton.