Your event’s attendance is directly related to your marketing!

If no one knows about your event, no one will come therefore it is just as it is important to plan the event, you need to plan to publicize it.

Make sure the following is on all your advertisements:

  • Title of Event
  • Date (Do not just put “Thursday”! Make sure to include the month and date.)
  • Time
  • Location
  • Sponsors (list all co-sponsors)

There are multiple ways to market an event and the more creative you are, the better. Just remember the Campus Posting Guidelines and the Alcohol policies. Here are some campus advertisement options to consider:

Wheaton Events Calendar
Post an event on the Wheaton Calendar and they will also be displayed for those who use the WheatonNow mobile application.

Post an event on Engage@Wheaton through your student organization site and if you select “Public” it will appear on the virtual bulletin board for all to see.

Teaser Ad
More than two weeks before your event post flyers that leave the reader wanting more.

Be creative and include the who, what, where, and when. Contact information will allow those with needs to connect with you in advance for any special accommodations. Make flyers fast with Microsoft Publisher.

Napkin Holders
Contact Dining Services to place quarter sheet advertisements in the napkin holders located in campus dining areas.

Create a large banner at the Rhodes Office and post it in Balfour Hood Campus Center.

Digest email messages get collected throughout the day and get bundled and delivered as one email message. To send a message to include in the next digest simply type the class year address you wish to send it to (ex: and if you wish to include the Faculty and Staff use the address Note that all submitted emails are reviewed for appropriate content by the Communications Office.

Purchase an ad in the Wire or ask a writer to cover the event.

Digital Advertising
The television monitor in the Library atrium will be set from its normal programming at certain points during the day, displaying digital copies of event advertisements.

A fun and sustainable way to get your message out. Check the weather before hand! Don’t have chalk? Visit the Rhodes Office.

Balfour Chalk Board
As long as your event is on the Wheaton Calendar and held on a weekend, your event has a high chance to be featured on the board.

Many Wheaties use facebook so create an event and invite all your friends.

Ask if you can mention the event in class or during another groups meeting.

Word of Mouth
Talk about the event all the time! If you are excited about it, others will be too.