Vendor Name: Original Prusa i3 MK3 and i3 MK3s

Description: The newest iteration of the Prusa series, this brand is one of the most popular ones worldwide. The Prusa i3 is an open source fuse filament fabrication modelling 3D printer. In fused deposition modeling plastic filament is fed through a heated moving head (extruder) that melts and extrudes it, depositing it, layer after layer, in the desired shape described by the STL file. For this kind of 3D printing technology additional vertical support structures are needed to sustain overhanging parts.

In addition to low cost and ease of use, the Prusa’s open source nature makes it popular among educational institutions and hobbyists for the simple fact that it is capable of printing its own parts, making it the most sustainable and modular printer on the market.

Documentation (pdf)


Vendor Name: MMU2

Description: Multi Material Upgrade 2S (MMU2S) is a brand new and improved version of the Multi Material Upgrade 2.0 – our unique multi-material add-on, which enables your 3D printer to print with up to 5 colors at the same time. With an easier calibration process, a new filament sensor, and a standalone filament buffer, the MMU2S is more reliable than ever before.