Film and New Media Studies

Designed in the liberal arts tradition and for the 21st century, Wheaton’s Film and New Media Studies Program emphasizes:

  • Understanding the past, participating in the present and preparing for the future;
  • Critical thinking, computational thinking and creative innovation;
  • The integration of curricular and co-curricular learning experiences;
  • Project and participation-based learning;
  • Developing skills, knowledge and literacies that will help achieve academic and professional success;
  • Thoughtful engagement with a diverse range of views, cultures, traditions and people;
  • Opportunities to study abroad and to participate in summer internships.
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Major requirements

Film & New Media Studies major worksheet

The major consists of 11 courses, a senior seminar, 4 core courses and at least 2 eligible 300-level courses1.

There are multiple pathways through the Film and New Media Studies major. Students are strongly encouraged to work with the Film and New Media Studies advisor to plan out the most suitable program of study for them based on individual interests and learning goals.

1All 300-level courses listed below count toward the Film and Media Studies major; however, only those courses marked with asterisks** satisfy the 300-level requirement.

Core courses

FNMS 231 Introduction to New Media
FNMS 258 Introduction to Film Studies
ARTS 260 Production I: Visual Storytelling with Film and Video
COMP 115 Robots, Games and Problem Solving
or COMP 161 Web Programming, Graphics and Design
FNMS 401 Senior Seminar
One course each from Area A, B and C.

Three additional courses from any of the four areas.

Area A: Theory, History and Criticism

ARTH 257 Photography and Knowledge (1830-1930)
ENG 249 Hollywood Genres
ENG 250 Film History I: Cinema to 1940
ENG 257 Race and Racism in United States Cinema
**ENG 331 Digital Culture
**ENG 348 Sexual Politics of Film Noir
**FNMS 332 Creative Industries in the Digital Age
SOC 175 Media and Society
**SOC 305 Community in the Digital Age

Area B: Techniques and Technologies

ARTS 262 Screenwriting
ARTS 264 Introduction to Animation
ARTS 270 Digital Editing
ARTS 280 Documentary Storytelling
**ARTS 360 Film Production II
*COMP 115 Robots, Games and Problem Solving
COMP 131 Computing for Poets
*COMP 161 Web Programming, Graphics and Design

*If not used as a core course requirement.

Area C: Global and Regional Contexts

ENG 251 Introduction to World Cinema
**ENG 355 Global Cinemas
**ENG 356 Third Cinema
FR 246 Introduction to French Cinema

RUSS 282 Russian Film

Area D: Approved Film and New Media Studies Electives

ARTH 240 Art of the Avant-Gardes, 1900-1945: France, Germany, Italy and Russia
ARTH 245 Postwar and Contemporary Art: 1945-2000
ARTH 335 Exhibition Design
ENG 280 Writing in Professional Contexts
ENG 282 Advanced Writing: Digital Controversies
ENG 285 Journalism
ENG 290 Approaches to Literature and Culture
ENG 376 Literary and Cultural Theory
MGMT 350 Marketing
MUSC 316 Music, Sound and the Moving Image

Alberto Bianchi

Associate Professor of Italian Studies

Kenneth Bray

Visiting Instructor of Business and Management

Claire Buck

Professor of English; Coordinator, Women's & Gender Studies

Nihal Çelik

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology

C.C. Chapman

Visiting Instructor of Business and Management

Talitha Espiritu

Associate Professor of English; Co-Coordinator, Journalism Studies Minor

Michael B. Gousie

Professor of Computer Science

Patrick Johnson

Associate Professor of Filmmaking

Karen Knighton

Visiting Assistant Professor of Studio Art

Lisa Lebduska

Professor of English, Director of College Writing

Mark D. LeBlanc

Professor of Computer Science

Tessa C. Lee

Associate Professor of German; Chair, German Studies

Sarah Leventer

Visiting Assistant Professor of Film and New Media Studies

Ellen McBreen

Associate Professor of the History of Art

Karen McCormack

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology; Co-coordinator, Journalism Studies

Leah Niederstadt

Associate Professor of Museum Studies, History of Art; Curator of the Permanent Collection

Francoise Rosset

Associate Professor of Russian; Chair of Russian Department

Ann Sears

Professor of Music; Chair, Music Department

Josh Stenger

Associate Professor of Film Studies and English; Hannah Goldberg Chair in Teaching Innovation; Founding Coordinator, Film and New Media Studies

Jonathan David Walsh

Professor of French Studies