Film and New Media Studies

With the ubiquity of online journalism, surge in streaming services, explosion of audiobooks and podcasts, rising readership of comics and graphic novels, and growth of branded content, it’s an exciting time to major in film and media. Explore cinematic history, examine media ethics, or challenge yourself with an unfamiliar genre or new behind-the-scenes skill. You’ll write, shoot and edit short films, bring computer games to life, and learn how to engage an audience. The collaborative, project-based nature of our program means bonds with your peers and professors are part of your Wheaton storyline.



Core Requirements

All four courses required.

  • FNMS 231 – Introduction to New Media
  • FNMS 258 – Introduction to Film Studies
  • FNMS 260 – Production I: Visual Storytelling with Film and Video
  • FNMS 401 – Senior Seminar
Digital Making and Problem Solving

Choose one course:

  • COMP 115 – Problem Solving and Python Programming
  • COMP 131 – Computing for Poets
  • COMP 161 – Web Design
  • DES 118 – Digital Tools for Art & Design
  • DES 140 – Introduction to Digital Fabrication
  • DES 320 – Fab Academy
  • FNMS 244 – Visualizing Cultural Data
  • FNMS 270 – Digital Editing
Theory, History and Criticism

Choose one course:

  • FNMS/SOC 175 Media and Society
  • FNMS 235 Journalism 2.0: Civic Media in the Digital Age
  • FNMS/WGS 242 Horror Film and the Unruly Body
  • FNMS 243 Race, Gender and Television
  • FNMS 249 Film Genres
  • FNMS 257 Race and Racism in United States Cinema
  • FNMS/WGS 322 Women and Film
  • FNMS 325 Transmedia Franchises
  • FNMS 331 Digital Culture
  • FNMS 332 Creative Industries in the Digital Age
  • FNMS/WGS 345 Queer Cinema​
  • FNMS 398 Streaming TV
Techniques and Technologies

Choose one course:

  • COMP 115 Problem Solving and Python Programming*
  • COMP 131 Computing for Poets*
  • COMP 161 Web Design*
  • DMC 284 Podcast Production and Storytelling
  • FNMS/ART 230 Comics and Graphic Novels
  • FNMS 244 Visualizing Cultural Data*
  • FNMS 262 Screenwriting
  • FNMS 264 Animation l
  • FNMS 270  Digital Editing
  • FNMS 280 Documentary Storytelling
  • FNMS 360 Film Production II
  • FNMS 364 Animation II

*You may use this course as an additional course if not used as a core requirement.

Global and Regional Contexts

Choose one course:

  • FNMS 251 – Introduction to World Cinema
  • FNMS 355 – Global Cinemas
  • FNMS 356 – Third Cinema

Choose one from below or from any of the other areas:

  • DMC/ENG 285 Journalism
  • FNMS 252/ARTH 257 Photography and Knowledge, 1830-1930
  • FNMS 283/ENG 282 Advanced Writing: Digital Controversies
  • FNMS 284/ENG280 Writing in Professional Contexts
  • FNMS/MUSC 316 Music, Sound and the Moving Image
  • FNMS/ARTH 335 Exhibition Design
  • FNMS/HISP 358 Digital Humanities Methods and Tools
  • MGMT 355 Digital Marketing

Filmmaker in Residence Fellowship

The Filmmaker in Residence Fellowship invites a student filmmaker on an international faculty-led trip to produce a short film. The fellowship provides all necessary equipment and pays all expenses of the trip. Fellowship recipients have produced films in Ecuador, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar, Trinidad, Ireland and Rwanda.

Watch Yasuni National Park | The Real Power Belongs to the People on Vimeo


95% of Film and New Media Studies majors from the past five years have found employment or achieved a fellowship or service opportunity within six months of graduation.*

Recent Graduates

Sample First Jobs

  • ORVICA CREATIVE, Owner and Founder
  • Inherited Stories, Owner and Founder
  • Sony Pictures, Administrative Assistant
  • Universal Studios Hollywood, Production Assistant
  • Konstant Kreative, Creative Strategist
  • Disney Parks, Media Production Intern (paid)
  • Raytheon Industries, Junior Communications Generalist
  • Newscape Studios, Inc., YouTube Editor
  • Red Hat, Associate Technical Marketing Manager
  • 7 NEWS WHDH-TV Boston, Production Assistant

Sample Graduate School

  • Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY Brooklyn College
  • USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
  • London School of Economics and Political Science
  • S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University

*Outcomes data is based on a knowledge rate of 71% for the classes of 2014-2018.


Offered by the Film and New Media department.