A wide-angle view of the world

From left to right, Kaylee Carson ’25, Reka Moscarelli ’25, Sato Murphy ’26 and Elias Stevens ’25

Student filmmakers capture experiences in Iceland, Ecuador, Bhutan and Madagascar

Each summer, Wheaton offers several filmmaker-in-residence fellowships that provide funds for students to travel the world and create films about their experiences. During summer 2023, the fellowship awards were presented to Kaylee Carson ’25, Reka Moscarelli ’25, Sato Murphy ’26 and Elias Stevens ’25.

Carson, who is double majoring in film and new media studies and business and management, traveled to Iceland with Professor of Geology Geoffrey Collins and Professor of Chemistry and Geography Matthew Evans for their course “Geology of Iceland.” Moscarelli, who is double majoring in Hispanic studies and environmental communications and storytelling spent the summer in Ecuador with Associate Professor of Biology Jessie Knowlton and Professor of Anthropology M. Gabriela Torres for the course “Ecuador, From the Andes to the Amazon: Human Interactions with the Natural World.” Wheaton partnered with the international Fab Lab Conference and Symposium in Bhutan to offer Murphy a fellowship in the Himalayan nation. Stevens was a fellow in Madagascar with Knowlton and Associate Professor of Political Science Aubrey Westfall for the course “Between Peril and Promise: Politics and Biodiversity in Madagascar.” Murphy and Stevens are majoring in film and new media studies.

After the students returned from their trips abroad, Associate Professor of Film and New Media Patrick Johnson asked each about the experiences. Read the answers he gathered about lessons learned, challenges and favorite moments in his series “Field Notes,” which is featured on Wheaton’s blog.

Kaylee Carson ’25

  • Location: Iceland
  • Project: Filming the experiences of students doing geology research, resulting in “Wheaton’s Geology of Iceland,” a seven part docu-series on YouTube

Reka Moscarelli ’25

  • Location:  Ecuador
  • Project: Documentary, focus to be determined

Sato Murphy ’26

  • Location: Bhutan
  • Project: A short documentary about FAB23 Bhutan

Elias Stevens ’25

  • Location: Madagascar
  • Project: Documentary on conflicting struggles related to the environment