Offered by the Biology, Mathematics, and Computer Science departments.

Where big data meets biology you’ll find the exciting, emerging field of bioinformatics. This interdisciplinary major joins studies in biology, math, chemistry, computer science and statistics to prepare you for in-demand careers in research and data science. You will learn about the structure of both DNA and databases, and you’ll cover topics from algorithms and artificial intelligence to genome sequencing and cells. Bioinformatics majors explore possibilities in personalized medicine and drug discovery, as well as discuss the ethical implications and other challenges that come with collecting, analyzing, storing and using massive amounts of biological data.


Best College City for Biomedical Engineering

Forbes recently listed the Norton, Massachusetts area as the “Best College City for BioMedical Engineering” due to local corporations helping the field grow 23% by 2024.


80% of Bioinformatics majors from the past five years have found employment or achieved a service opportunity within six months of graduation *

of Bioinformatics majors

Recent Graduates

Sample First Jobs

  • Business Technologist, Brown Brothers Harrison
  • Programmer, Meditech
  • Research Specialist, University of Pennsylvania
  • Support Advisor, Intersystems

Graduate School

  • Princeton University

*outcomes data is based on a knowledge rate of 83% for the classes of 2014-2018

Recent student internships

The Wheaton Edge offers experiences beyond the classroom.

Francesca Sajedi

2021, Bioinformatics

Mars Faculty/Student Research Grant

University of Azuay, Cuenca, Ecuador

Going to Ecuador allowed me to put my major, bioinformatics, into a real-world perspective while learning about the culture of Ecuador.

Megan Darrell

2020, Bioinformatics

Porter Cleveland Fellowship

The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

As my first professional research experience, my internship at The Jackson Laboratory allowed me to conduct an independent and interdisciplinary project that opened my eyes to the field of biomedical research.


Betsey Dexter Dyer

Professor of Biology, Emeritus

Michael Kahn

Professor of Mathematics; Statistics Program Coordinator

Mark D. LeBlanc

Department Chair and Professor of Computer Science

Rochelle (Shelly) Leibowitz

Professor of Mathematics, Emerita

S. Shawn McCafferty

Associate Professor of Biology

Robert L. Morris

Professor of Biology; William & Elsie Prentice Professorship (2015-2020)