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Whether you are searching for a summer job, a volunteer opportunity or your first job after graduation, you will need four basic tools: a résumé, a cover letter, sharp interviewing skills and an ability to network.

Jobs and internship resources

There are so many job search engines online that choosing can be overwhelming. Here we offer a few of our favorites.

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An A-to-Z list of jobs, internships and professional associations categorized by industry.

Career Connections

Your online resource for off-campus, volunteer, internship and full-time experiences–plus a great way to connect with alums!

Funding opportunities

Though many internships are unpaid, we can help you find alternative funding sources funding for this important summer experience.


-“I had never had the opportunity to study or work with a group of people so closely as the women of eastern Uttar Pradesh. My boss, Dr. Dipti Singh, gave me phenomenal insight into women’s economic empowerment and development in the state and showed me the ins and outs of trying to make a significant impact in a society still plagued by poverty and gender inequality.”

–Sally Dexter ’12
Davis International Fellow
RangSutra crafts consortium