Looking for a quick answer to your question about reserving a space or securing services for your event? Start here! Below are some of the most frequently asked questions that we answer.

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How do I reserve a space?

All space reservations should be made through the event form.

Where can I find the event form?

The event form can be found on our Campus Events homepage, and on most of the subsequent web pages.

Can I see if a room is available before submitting a form?

Room availability can be seen by accessing the event form.

We only need a meeting space, nothing else.  Do I still need to fill out a form?

YES!  All reservations, even if only for a meeting space, should be made by completing an event form.

How do I reserve multiple dates on the event form?

When selecting a date on the event form, you will find a text box where additional dates and times can be entered manually.  Please use this text box to list each date individually that you wish to book.

I need multiple spaces on multiple dates (ex. Interviews). Can I call the office or make an appointment?

YES!  In fact we encourage people who have large planning needs to contact us and make an appointment to work with one of our staff directly.

Do I need to contact service providers directly?

No, with a couple exceptions!  All service related requests can be outlined on the event form, however, Catering requests should be followed up with a direct connection to the Catering Director and from time to time a planner and a service provider may connect directly to fine tune event details.  The beginning point is ALWAYS the event form.

How will I know that my reservation is all set?

You will receive an email with an event confirmation attached once your request has been entered into our system and service providers notified.  If a service provider has further questions or is unable to supply part of your request you will be contacted directly.

What do I need to do with my event confirmation when it comes in email?

PLEASE REVIEW IT! It is very helpful to review all details of your event confirmation when you receive it. This will eliminate last minute changes or problems in most cases. If a mistake has been made or additional services needed please communicate that as soon as is possible by emailing [email protected].

I requested a certain room, but was reserved in a different space. Why is this?

If the first choice location is not available we will look to what other options are available, especially if someone has indicated a second and/or third choice on their event form. In some cases, in an effort to be more efficient with time and resources we may place someone in a space that can accommodate the needs without involving extra work from a service-providing department0. In any event, if a space was selected that is not one of the choices indicated on the event form we received we will communicate with the planner when the event confirmation is sent out.

How do I make changes to my reservation after I have received a confirmation?  Should I complete another event form?

All changes, additions and cancellation information should be emailed to [email protected] as soon as it is possible. There is no need to complete another event form.

Where can I find the alcohol form?

The “Events with Alcohol Registration Form” can be obtained in the SAIL Office, located in the Balfour-Hood Campus Center.

How do I request a Campus Safety Event Detail?

The form to request an event detail is located on the Campus Safety website.

How do I advertise my event on the Wheaton calendar?

Once you have received your event confirmation you may visit the college events calendar and choose to add an event, submitting an event form does not automatically enter your event information onto that calendar.

What if I need to reach someone after hours regarding an event for that day or evening?

When our office is closed, after 4:30 pm Monday through Friday or on a weekend, event planners may have a member of Building Services paged by calling our on campus switchboard through the campus operator, dialing 0 on any Wheaton phone. You can then communicate event cancellations or other emergency information to a service provider.

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