What is Student Employment at Wheaton?

There are two types of on-campus student employment funding at Wheaton College.  Federal Work Study is the need-based student employment program at Wheaton. Students who are eligible for Federal Work Study are granted these funds through the financial aid process.

Students who do not qualify for need-based financial assistance may seek employment through the Wheaton Work program. Wheaton Work awards are given after a student secures employment at a department with available funds. Please note that departmental Wheaton Work funding is limited.

Student Employment at Wheaton is an opportunity for students to work on-campus to help defray college expenses and to gain valuable work experience and skills for the future.  Please note that the College cannot guarantee available on-campus jobs for all students.  However, students that are having difficulty finding employment on-campus are welcome to set up an appointment with the Associate Director for Student Employment at any time for assistance.