Placement Test

Before taking a Spanish language class, students are required to take the placement test including:

  • Anyone who has taken Spanish before.
  • Those students who have missed a year or more in their language studies.
  • Students with AP credits.
  • Students who speak Spanish in a non-classroom setting (e.g., native speakers, heritage learners or study abroad).

If you have NEVER taken Spanish you can register directly for HISP 101.

The placement exam for Spanish is offered to students on-line through the Canvas System up to the end of Orientation week. (See contact person below to take the exam).

Important Notes

  • Students who have previously studied Spanish in High School must take placement test before registering in any language course.
  • The exam is generally valid for one year. Take it only if you plan to study Spanish this academic year.
  • Students should enroll in the appropriate language course as soon as possible after receiving the results of this placement test.
  • Registration in a course lower than the approved level is not allowed.
  • The Hispanic studies Department reserves the right to change the student’s placement if another course seems more appropriate.
  • Students may take the WebCAPE placement exam only once, unless asked to retake the exam by the Department.
  • Students with AP courses will receive credit for Spanish, only after taking the placement test and a 300-level course.
  • The Spanish Placement Exam is to be completed in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Wheaton College Honor Code.

For placement questions, consult with Professor Francisco Fernández de Alba (fdealba@
, x3631) at the Department of Hispanic Studies.

To proceed with the test, please access the Spanish and Italian Placement Tests on Canvas.