Awards Ceremony and Honor Society


Every year, the faculty of the Department nominates and selects the best students of each level to be recognized in our end of year award ceremony. In addition, the Spanish Honor Society inducts its new members among the graduating seniors with a GPA in the major of 3.0 or higher.

Award for excellence in Hispanic Studies 2010-2011

Alex Butcher
Tri Nguyen
Allison Wittich
Sara Franke
Matthew McVety
Christine Dyster
Ha Sung Kim
Anne Maraike Crom
Jose Rosales
David Longley
Devon Soucier
Sarah L. Crom
Julia Jenning
Emma MacMullen
Jade Lily Ormrod-Leven
Daniela Alves
Nina Sasser
Erin Girouard
Deisi Cuate
Lindsay Koso
Petra Solarik
Haley Fisher
Nicolle Moore
Leslie Gould
Sonrisa O’Toole
Magda Izaguirre
Geovanny Reyes
Alicia Alvarez