Wheaton College aims to collaborate with the surrounding communities when appropriate and feasible. One of the ways in which it does this is by granting “free use of space” to outside entities.

In the past groups such as Boy Scouts of America, local EMS organizations, town recreation leagues and community non-profit groups have all benefited from the College’s willingness to share its meeting spaces.

All requests must be made through the Conference & Event Services office and the only individual that can grant this “free use of space” is the College President.

The process

How does someone obtain “free use of space?”

Step 1: The requesting entity needs to contact the Conference & Event Services office with the specific details of their request.

Step 2: The C & E Services office will determine whether or not the request is feasible and will do so by communicating with other departments as necessary.

Step 3: If the request is deemed feasible then the C & E Services office will submit that request to the President of the College.

Step 4: Upon the President’s approval the C & E Services office will make further arrangements with the outside entity to complete a “Use of Facilities” contract, will obtain appropriate insurance certificates and manage the event details with internal service-providing departments.