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Welcome to the department of Russian and Russian Studies.

Our courses cover language and culture (art, drama, film, literature and poetry), as well as Russian history, economics and politics. The department offers students two different majors: one in Russian language and literature, and one in Russian area studies, in which three other departments participate. There are two minors as well.

We see the study of the Russian language as part of a whole, as a primary gateway to Russian culture. Our language courses will take you to the advanced level in Russian, but we also encourage you to look at our various literature and culture classes, many of which are taught in English.

In addition, look to the departments of Economics, History and especially Political Science for related and connected courses.

Our language courses as well as our literature or culture classes are designed to foster critical, independent thinking, along with a richer understanding of human diversity and the global community.

Please feel free to browse this department web-page to check out our various course pages and our many resources.

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