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  • Friendship, Philosophy, and Finland

    Prentice Professor of Philosophy Nancy Kendrick presented two papers in October in Helsinki, Finland: “Activity and Passivity in Mary Astell’s Theory of Friendship” at the conference on Women, Truth, and Action, and “Rules for the Dissolution of a Friendship: Aristotle and Wollstonecraft on Marriage and Virtue Friendship” at the University of Helsinki’s History of Philosophy […] More »
  • "The Importance of Being Subtle"

    Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellow, Alex King, shared her work on the aesthetic category of subtlety at the most recent Faculty Lunch Talk at Wheaton on Thursday, October 17th. "We praise art for all kinds of things--for being beautiful, striking, insightful, and not least of all, we praise it for being subtle. But what is subtlety?" [click for more] More »