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  • Jill Lepore

    Historian Jill Lepore to Deliver Ruby Lecture, "The Meaning of Life: A History"

    Harvard historian Jill Lepore will deliver this year's Ruby lecture, "The Meaning of Life: a History" on November 13 in the Hindle auditorium at 7:30 pm. More »
  • Philosophy Club Speaker, Tuesday 10/16 @ 7 pm

    The Phil Club was delighted to host a speaker on 10/16.  Ian Blaustein at Boston University gave a talk entitled "On Making a Fig in One's Pocket."  It took up recent debates on autonomy within moral philosophy and discussed the work of Frankfurt, Korsgaard, and Hegel. More »
  • Schopenhauer and Toni Morrison on happiness

    Students in "What is the Good Life?" an FYS course taught by Professor Partridge, met at the Mars Science Center outdoor classroom on Thursday, September 27. We are finishing up the Happiness unit of the course and were discussing various critics of the idea that happiness is our ultimate goal. Read more after the jump. More »