Engaging connection

(Keith Nordstrom photo)

Over the years as the editor of the magazine, I have received many compliments about our publication in emails and in person. Even though the compliments often are directed toward me and I—being a human prone to vanity— would gladly gobble up all the praise for myself, I always graciously respond with the same words, “It’s a team effort; we love working on the magazine.”

None of us can do our work alone, no matter what that work is. Good work requires being involved, fully engaged and connected with others, sharing the effort that it takes to creatively accomplish goals and make a difference. (The “engage@Wheaton” on the chalkboard in Chase Dining Hall reminded me of this last spring.) This issue underscores and highlights that fact.

Our cover story is about the new Center for Collaborative Teaching and Learning that seeks to engage faculty, students and staff as partners in designing the liberal arts education provided at Wheaton. We also have profiles of alumni who are working with teams of people to solve important issues, including mass violence. One of my favorite examples of connection is at the end of the magazine on the End Page, featuring a story about how a rainbow sculpture got rebuilt by the hands of many.

We would love to hear about your collaborations and examples of how you are connected to
others in your work. Email us.