Designing digital opportunities

Abigail Epplett ’18

Independent major: Creative industries (business, graphic design, computer science)

Other major: Creative writing and English literature

Responding to a need: “The rise of the internet since the 1990s has changed the way that people view the world. Online marketing and e-commerce have altered purchasing decisions and created opportunities for doing business on a global level. However, many businesses are not yet equipped to navigate the new strategies in advertising and sales. I wanted to create an opportunity to learn about the various facets of online marketing and e-commerce. My creative industries major combines classes from the departments of business, art and computer science, along with a few classes from film and new media.”

Wait, there’s more: “I also have a minor in music theory and composition. I love to tell stories and teach others about the world; writing and composing are two sides of the same coin.”

Working it all out: “Currently I am using my independent major in three separate part-time jobs as a student designer for the Art Department (you may have seen some of my posters around campus), as an assistant to a professor for whom I’m building a personal website, and as the social media coordinator and graphic designer for the Norton Public Library. ”

Seeing potential: “I love to make beautiful things, whether through designing a memorable logo, coding an aesthetically pleasing website, writing a thought-provoking story or composing a catchy piece of music. The internet can be an ugly place—from the eyesores of poorly designed websites to hateful words in the comments section—but it is such a great resource for learning. I want to make the internet as beautiful as possible to encourage others to learn, and my independent major seemed like the best place to start.”

Making dreams reality: “It’s probably one of the hardest things I’ve done to date. There is a big difference between having a vague idea of what you want to have in a major and actually mapping out the entire plan—from class lists to details of your final capstone project. But I’ve had so many people helping me during my time here.”

Learning by doing: “During this process, I have learned that I can create amazing things and that creating a major with a specific plan of what to do with your life does not necessarily mean that you know exactly what you want to do with your life near the major’s completion, and that’s okay. I think this is a message that a lot of college students don’t hear enough.”

For more information about pursuing an independent major, please contact Academic Advising at 508-286-8215 or by emailing [email protected].

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