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The Japanese program at Wheaton provides students with an appreciation and critical understanding of Japan’s literary, linguistic, and cultural traditions. Students are able to engage with Japan’s 1,000+ years history primarily through the lens of language. The program encourages students to think beyond Japan itself, and to consider cultural and historical connections with the rest of East Asia and the world as they proceed in their studies. In light of this, Wheaton offers 6 course of Japanese open to students of various levels.

Over their course of study, students will gain an awareness of self and others in a way that is a vital part of communication in Japan. Competency in a language such as Japanese means students will begin to acquire skills to travel the globe, especially with the prevalence of East Asian cultures in today’s global market and society -- speaking and understanding the oral components are just one small part of a dialogue! In conjunction with other courses of study, this program offers a combination of knowledge and skills that help students take part in cross-cultural contexts and to contribute meaningfully to the global challenges of today’s world.

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