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Inspiring artistic endeavors

Charlotte Middleton was born into a family of artists in a small town in Maine. She found herself right at home in the welcoming community of Wheaton College. Charlotte was unsure of the career path she wanted to take but the liberal arts education combined with the experiential learning opportunities helped her to discover her calling to be a studio artist.

Charlotte works tirelessly in the studio; she feels exhausted, yet so alive. There is no denying her passion for creating art. The time she spent studying abroad in Italy, which was made possible through the collective support of Wheaton Fund donors, further solidified her desire to become a professional artist. The collaboration with professors during a studio internship made Charlotte realize that she is indeed on a path to a secure future as an artist.

Before coming to Wheaton, Charlotte enjoyed working in ceramics. When Cowduck, a beloved duck and unofficial mascot on campus with an uncanny resemblance to a Holstein, died, Charlotte’s art professor looked to her to bring the former Peacock Pond resident back to life. Wheaton commissioned Charlotte to create a bronze sculpture of the duck. Today, Charlotte’s statue sits on a rock in the middle of the pond as a lasting tribute to both Cowduck and a young artist on her path to discovery.

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