Ring, ring, ring—we are all about the call!

The Wheaton Student Phonathon is an important component of the fundraising efforts for the college. Each week, current Wheaton students reach out to alumni, parents, and friends through this experiential learning program sponsored by the College Advancement division. When you receive a call from one of these students, you can find out what is new on campus, update your contact information, and ask about the student’s Wheaton experience. Our students are trained to help securely process your annual contributions to the college. With each and every gift, alumni, parents, and friends of Wheaton make, the college can continue to provide strong financial aid packages, world-class teaching, revitalized campus spaces, and so much more.

Calls are made during the fall and spring semesters when classes are in session, Sunday through Thursday, 3-8 p.m (EST).

Are you a current student interested in becoming a Phonathon Caller?

Phonathon is always looking for outgoing and friendly students who are self-motivated and passionate about Wheaton. No previous work experience in fundraising is necessary.

Phonathon Application – (Google Form)