The Wheaton Fund team is proud to sponsor Wheaton College’s official crowdfunding platform, Whea Can Do It, powered by ScaleFunder, offering Wheaton students the opportunity to raise funds for the things they are passionate about within the Wheaton community.

Crowdfunding is an innovative and entrepreneurial way for students to find funding and a great experiential learning opportunity for students. Students initiate an idea and/or project to be funded that benefits the Wheaton community. They then create content, recruit ambassadors to support the idea and solicit peers, family members, faculty & staff, alumni and friends of the college to support their project.

Students Interested in Crowdfunding

Submit an application today for the opportunity to raise funds for the things you are passionate about at Wheaton. Students must submit the application at least 11 weeks in advance of the proposed goal.

Apply Today

Eligible Projects

Are affiliated with Wheaton College and non-profit in nature; have a sponsoring Wheaton department, program or center into which donations can be deposited; consist of project leaders that are willing to create and market promotion materials before, during and after the campaign. Before applying, please review our crowdfunding guidelines.

Wheaton College Crowdfunding FAQ (pdf)

Crowdfund Policy Wheaton College updated as of 08_23_18 (pdf)