Sustain and simplify your support

You live in a world of automated subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, and Spotify. Now your giving to Wheaton can be just as easy with our Slype Sustainer program. Monthly sustaining gifts allow you to divide your Wheaton gift into manageable increments through convenient automatic deductions from your debit or credit card. Your support can be made in an affordable way that is convenient, customizable, and environmentally friendly.

Your Impact

By becoming a Slype Sustainer, you can increase your giving impact at Wheaton. Slype Sustainers provide the college with a critically important, reliable source of income that will help the college meet the annual costs of supporting essential activities and services.

Slype Sustainer Gifts
Monthly Commitment Total Annual Gift
$5 $60
$8.34 $100
$10 $120
$18.34 $220
$50 $600
$83.34 $1,000

*These calculations are based on donors who set up their monthly contributions during the first month (July) of the fundraising year.  

You Decide

Now is the time to set up your convenient monthly contribution, which will add up to generous support for Wheaton. To enroll as a Slype Sustainer, please use our secure online giving form. You may also speak to a Wheaton Fund team member at 508-286-8226 to sign up over the phone.

Your Benefits

  • Easier to budget and easier on your wallet;
  • You have control over your giving;
  • Your gift renews automatically; and,
  • You are making a continuous impact on Wheaton students starting today.